Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Condemning Without Loving?

Memphis Declaration

We publicly repent of having condemned those without Christ before we have loved them, and that we have acted as judge of those for whom Christ died by failing to live with a redemptive spirit toward them.

The Memphis Declaraion alleges that we have condemned sinners without loving them. Point well taken. We need to do better. So does everyone else. This is no worse a sin than abandoning biblical morality to "love" sinners without warning them that they are sinners and must repent or spend eternity in Hell. But, one point doesn't negate the other. By the way, did somebody in the SBC disagree with this, and I missed it? I mean, we all fall short, but do these thirty people think they are taking some kind of a bold stand against some sinister, unknown cabal of people who are secretly pursuing some sort of a deliberate agenda to refuse to love people?

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