Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reflections on Further Developments…Who's Narrowing Now?

It now appears that Frank Page has mentioned high levels of CP giving as a prerequisite to receiving a nomination to serve on SBC boards or committees under his administration. [see here]

Allow me to point out:

  1. Cooperative Program giving is not stipulated in the BF&M 2000.
  2. The appropriate percentage of Cooperative Program giving does not appear in the Bible.
  3. Therefore, Bro. Page's new rule represents a further narrowing of the basis of participation in the SBC beyond the parameters of the BF&M 2000.
  4. This clearly represents an instance of the manipulation of the nomination process in the Southern Baptist Convention.
  5. Obviously, we need to appoint an ad-hoc committee to investigate President Page's actions.

In Other News

We appear to have elected Wiley Drake as 2nd VP of the SBC...

On the one hand... I'm really proud of the SBC. In what other religious group can a mercurial guy like this from a tiny church rise to such a position of prominence? Truly, this is a great convention.

On the other hand... The only real action that the 2nd VP takes, as far as I know, is to preside over a portion of the annual meeting. God help us. Wiley Drake obviously has never exhibited at the SBC annual meeting the tact, decorum, or seriousness to moderate a business meeting. He's done a great job contributing to the agenda of the business meeting, but agitating is something entirely different from moderating. We're in for a wild ride next year. Let's hope that nothing serious is going to take place during his session next year.

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