Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Musical Recommendation: Glory Revealed

I don't often use the blog to recommend music, but if you have any appetite for acoustic music and any appreciation for scripture-song, then this is a great album for you to consider. The contributors are not really ones you would consider to be bluegrass/acoustic types (Michael W. Smith, Shawn Lewis, Mark Hall, David Crowder, Brian Littrell, etc.), so most of these folks are stepping out of their element. Yet the results are incredible. I would especially recommend "We Are Healed", a passionate (pun intended) musical rendering of Isaiah 53:5. Shawn Lewis's "Waters Gone By" I think combines excellent vocals with a compelling instrumental score—unfortunately, it did not perform enough exegetical homework to realize that it is commending to us all the advice of Zophar (Job 11:14-20), who is one of the villains of Job. Nevertheless, I think the advice is theologically sound even if Zophar applied it wrongly. Certainly it is a great song. Mac Powell and Candi Pearson-Shelton appear on the CD singing a song inspired by Psalm 51:9-12. This would be a great song to use during altar-calls (if you have not concluded that such activities are of Satan). There's not a song on the CD that I don't like, although I've listened to some more than others. I give it my highest recommendation. On the strength of that, I know that you'll all run right out and buy it! ;-)

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