Thursday, August 23, 2007

Four Southern Baptist Pastors Launch "SBC Today"

Robin Foster, Wes Kenney, Tim Rogers, and Joe Stewart have announced the launch of a new Southern Baptist blog entitled SBC Today. All four are veteran bloggers. I've been asked to contribute occasionally. I will gladly do so as a guest author, but I plan to continue my own blog, primarily because I think the name Praisegod Barebones is so much cooler than SBC Today. Allow me to be the first to express publicly the wish that SBC Today will host compelling dialogue about the ideas that face us as Southern Baptists today without devolving into the shameful mechanics of personal vendetta and attack. Below is a copy of their press release. The site was announced first at Wes Kenney's current blog. It appears that Robin Foster will be blogging primarily at SBC Today rather than at his previous blog. There is a significant opportunity for SBC Today soon to become the premier conservative blog in the SBC blogosphere.

Monday, August 20, 2007 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Four Southern Baptist pastors have announced their intention to launch a new blog that grows out of their conversation about a renewed focus in biblical discipleship and Baptist identity. The pastors are Wes Kenney, of Valliant, Oklahoma, Robin Foster, of Perkins, Oklahoma, Joe Stewart of Littlefield, Texas, and Tim Rogers of Statesville, North Carolina. All four have already established blogs of their own. Kenney, who will share blog administration duties with the other three pastors, said that will launch September 10 and will feature articles and audio files on subjects ranging from theology to sermon delivery to building a godly household. According to Kenney, the blog will showcase articles from “some of the best and brightest in Southern Baptist life.” The four founding pastors will post articles that function very much like a standard blog with comments and dialog. The articles from guest contributors, as well as the audio files, will not allow comments. “As a fifth century dawns for churches called Baptist, there is budding a renaissance of Baptist beliefs. In an effort to aid and participate in this revival of Baptist distinctives, we’ve decided to launch this new blog,” Kenney explained. “We also believe this discussion can be carried on in a courteous and respectful manner. We hope that we can highlight and clarify the distinctives that made Baptist churches a mighty force in missions and evangelism. Our sincere intent is that God will be glorified through the renewed focus on these foundational matters.” For further information, contact: Robin Foster (405)547 1222 Wes Kenney (580)933 6940 Tim Rogers (704)876 2264 Joe Stewart (806)385 4414


CB Scott said...


You are so easily fooled. I have documents proving that each and every one of the guys you have mentioned as starting this new blog were closet liberals during the CR. One fact I will reveal one fact now with more to come at a later time.

They all voted against the elected presidents of the SBC from 1979-1999. Tim Rogers actually ran against Fred Wolf causing Jim Henry to win in Orlando. Wes Kenney nominated him.

Bart, your youth is causing many problems as you endorse these Johnny-come-lately conservatives.

Seriously, this may be interesting and certainly a new arena for some good and healthy knock-down-drag-outs.

Now not serious, again. Tim Rogers; a boney-fide news man. Ain't it grand. Wonders never cease. I bet Ben Cole will do much ghost-writing for this bunch.

Joe and Robin will be the brains. Wes will be the looks. (Joel Osteen look alike) Tim will be the bouncer and legal advisor. I think I'll join up as the "spell-check" guy.


Wes Kenney said...

I want Robin to be the bouncer. That is unless you're available, C.B. Tim's a tall guy, but Robin is much more substantial.

joerstewart said...

We are in trouble if I have to be 1/8 of the brains. Thanks for the plug Bart

Scott Gordon said...

Wes the 'looks'? Literally, God help us!

I look forward to the discussion on SBCToday. Let me be the first to challenge the 1609...I'd better save it for the launch date :-D !

I pray God blesses this messes.


Scott Gordon said...

Let me try my hand at revisionism (aka grammar checker):

The last paragraph, first line: "As a fifth century dawns for churches called Baptist, there is budding a renaissance of Baptist beliefs."...would be clearer: "...there is a budding renaissance..."

Just call me particular!


Wes Kenney said...


Like Yoda you apparently do not. Okay it is; forgiven you are.

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

I drive to West Virginia to attend a funeral for one of my member's parent and return to see my name taken in vain.

Brother CB,

In my BC days I was a bouncer at a establishment. How did you know? As for Brother Ben being a Ghost writer, wouldn't that be grand?



CB Scott said...


Over the years we have had many, many conversations. I got me a "phototronic" memory.

See, ya'll gonna need me for spell checkin' , grammer and sich es 'at plus a "histerical" resource liberry man :-)


CB Scott said...

Nasy Tim,

I am sorry I did not get your old bouncer name right the first time. I don't make many 'em kinda masteaks.

So es guit beatin' round the bush here. Do I git the job 'er not?


volfan007 said...


i'm the spell checker. :)


Bennett Willis said...

Show me the link...

Bennett Willis

Roderick_E said...

Someone recently forwarded an article to me about the official Southern Baptist blog where apparently a conflict is brewing over the “airing of the dirty laundry of the church”. Keep in mind that the Southern Baptists are the largest Protestant denomination in America.

In summary, it appears one or more pastors are upset about the forum’s vitriolic tone. Pastor Frank Page said:

“Almost immediately in my opinion, the blog degenerated quickly into a personal attack place, and so several of us including myself withdrew our endorsement.”