Friday, February 22, 2008

A Great Interview with Dr. Frank Cox

I encourage you to listen to Peter Lumpkins's interview with Frank Cox over at SBC Today. It is no secret that I was enthusiastic about Dr. Al Mohler's candidacy for the presidency of our convention. Although I am glad that he is taking the steps necessary to continue as a leader in our convention for years to come, I was disappointed to see the possibility of his election end before it had really begun.

The interview with Dr. Cox assuages my disappointment somewhat. Surely Dr. Cox sounds like a godly man who knows what he believes, is a genuine conservative Southern Baptist, and has as firm and appropriate grasp on some of the key issues that face us as Southern Baptists today. I was particularly encouraged to read his comments about the Garner Motion. When the time comes to decide how to cast my ballot, Dr. Frank Cox will receive serious and positive consideration from me.

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