Saturday, May 2, 2009

Where's the Association of Convictional Baptists Website?

Somebody asked about the website for the Association of Convictional Baptists. What happened to it?

Well, my Microsoft SQL Server CD is scratched (actually, it is a Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2000 CD including a SQL Server 2000 installer). My SQL Server is down, and I can't reinstall it from the CD. Problems.

I need to fix them. I will. The data is all there; it just needs a functioning server to show it to you. My apologies for the outage. If I weren't such a cheapskate, I'd just pay for hosting and not have these troubles.


David Toledo said...

Bart I think we have a copy of that CD at FBC Keller. We used that several years back and I'm pretty sure we still have the discs. Email me ( if you want me to look for them.

Bart Barber said...

Before anyone leaps to a wrongful conclusion about David Toledo's generous offer...

I already own a license for this product, and would not be able to install it if I did not. It is an "open license" from Microsoft, and it authorizes me to install from CDs other than my original CD. In other words, the license is not tied to the media.

So, David is not proposing anything improper here. He's being a good neighbor in a time of need, and entirely within the law.

Not knowing how well all of my readers have been introduced to such things, I just wanted to make certain that nobody walked away from this with a wrong impression.

RKSOKC66 said...

Dr Barber:

I have a close friend here in Oklahoma City that does web hosting. The server company he works with is in Dallas.

It just so happens that this evening he is going to set up for me a web site on "his" server with my own URL. Many of his customers are individuals, families, or small churches.

He is going to give me 100Meg of space with my own chosen URL for only $36 a year. I have all the HTML and JPG files on a USB memory traveller. This will allow me to easily transfer our family website from cox to the new server. The problem with cox is that they only allow you 10Meb of space on their server which is not adequate.

If you are interested in this low cost internet hosting service let me know and I'll send you an e-mail with the info on this guy. I know him through First Southern Baptist here in Del City. He has a son who is a missionary in Asia with the IMB and a son-in-law who is a pastor of an SBC church here in OK.