Tuesday, October 17, 2006

McKissic: It's All Been Said

Concerning the situation with Dwight McKissic and his sermon at SWBTS, I've already given my opinion here. Although I have not much more to add, perhaps it is appropriate in the midst of the maelstrom to mention that I support the action of the seminary trustees. Furthermore, I want everyone to note that Dwight McKissic and only Dwight McKissic put this item on the seminary's agenda. If he didn't want a ruling on this, he should not have gone to such lengths to provoke one. There is no credible way that this week's events can be construed as a part of some sinister campaign to narrow participation in the SBC. The agenda was not Patterson's or the trustees'; it was McKissic's. When the SBC comes to a similar verdict, he will complain again, as will all the usual suspects. But when it happens, remember again that Dwight McKissic was the one who publicly demanded that the SBC vote on this issue.

Ask yourself the simple question, would speaking in tongues have been on the SWBTS trustee agenda at all if Dwight McKissic had not put it there?

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