Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Can Anyone Enlighten Me?

Here we read the story of Xu Shuangfu being executed in China. Here we read that the charge against him had to do with murders committed by one Chinese Christian group against another. Allegedly, the "competition" for Christian converts in China led to murder. The second link in this story is from a web site decidedly biased against Christian groups. The allegations were made originally by the Communist Chinese government. But, here is a Christian site that seems to regard the claim as at least plausible.

So, if the allegations against Xu Shuangfu and the "Three Grades of Servant" church are true, then I guess our SBC internecine squabbles are comparatively healthy and civil.

On the other hand, if this is all an execution based upon trumped up charges, then another martyr has joined the already rather large group beneath the altar.

Does any of our rather astute readership have any idea which is the case?

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