Thursday, November 2, 2006

Way to Go, Arkansas!

No, I'm not talking about the Razorbacks (I was raised an ASU Indians fan, myself). I'm talking about the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.

This post marks my second time to write about an ABSC annual meeting. My dissertation dealt primarily with the disastrous 1902 meeting of the ABSC at which turbulent socio-political issues rent the state's largest Baptist group in two. I'm really glad to balance that first assignment by writing about a stellar year for Arkansas Baptists rather than a notorious one.

Much about the meeting could deserve comment, but I am most excited about the ABSC's commitment to raise its percentage of CP funds forwarded to national and international causes. Arkansas Baptists are moving incrementally, and the current plan does not take the state's budget allocation quite as far as would most please me (I would be delighted with a 50/50 split), but I have no desire to dwell upon these minor differences.

Rather, I accord full praise to the Southern Baptists in Arkansas for moving in the right direction in an epoch in which there is so much temptation to move in the wrong direction. I give thanks that my home convention—the convention in which I came to Christ and first heard my call to ministry—is not following the horrible example of some conventions in neighboring states.

Now the time has come for Arkansas Baptist churches to respond appropriately. The ABSC is leading by example; let Arkansas Baptist churches follow that example. Let them increase their CP giving by allocating a percentage to the CP in their next budget cycle that is higher than the current percentage. Wouldn't now be a great time for Dr. Floyd to lead the way with some small incremental step to forward more from Springdale through the CP?

[By the way, that is not a slap at Dr. Floyd...just a friendly suggestion. Positive moves ought to be responded to positively]

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