Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Absent from the Roundtable

I had planned to attend the Roundtable today as an observer. Unfortunately, I've got a serious cough and some laryngitis this morning. J. R. Graves would suggest that I wouldn't have these problems if I would grow a great big beard. Tough luck, J. R.: I'm staying clean-shaven.

Anyway, I have consented to defend my views at the Baptist Conference on the Holy Spirit in April. Today we'll find out who else will be on the panel with me. I'll be watching from home.

Also, I would encourage Wade Burleson (see here) to be careful in speculating as to the motives of attendees. Many of those attending are not seeking to model anything. Many probably would not have attended if they had suspected that they would be cited as a part of a number of people trying to model some new approach of theological leniency.

UPDATE: The live feed is not working at all for me. I guess I'll wait for second-hand reports of the meeting.

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