Thursday, December 14, 2006

What If?…

…the IMB rescinded the rule on baptism but kept the one on "private prayer langauge"? Would that be a compromise that would bring peace? The preponderance of Southern Baptist churches do not practice speaking in tongues, nor do they advocate or acknowledge so-called "private prayer language." Southern Baptist thinking with regard to tying eternal security to baptismal validity is much less uniform. One might argue that one of these restrictions is more reflective of the Southern Baptist people than the other.

So I'm wondering, how many of you who support the baptismal rule would consider the preservation of that rule a hill on which to die?

And I'm wondering, how many of you who oppose the baptismal rule would be ready to lay down your weapons if the baptismal rule fell without the PPL rule?

And finally I'm wondering, how many of you who oppose both rules will settle for nothing less than total capitulation to your demands?

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