Saturday, October 27, 2007

New Guidestone Discount for SBC Bloggers

DALLAS–Officials of Guidestone Financial Resources and Cigna announced Friday a new discount plan for Southern Baptist bloggers. Under the new program, SBC bloggers who have been blogging for at least a year as of December 31, 2007, will be able purchase insurance under Cigna's Premier Dental Care Plan while only paying the rates for the Choice Dental Care Plan. The move represents the first time that Guidestone has offered special incentives for subgroups within the convention membership. Guidestone President O. S. Hawkins, when asked about the novelty of the program, responded, "This plan came about not at Guidestone's initiative, but emerged during negotiations with the plan providers (dentists) themselves." A Dallas area dentist, appearing in a press conference with Hawkins, explained the rationale behind the plan: "We believe that SBC bloggers will be less expensive to treat. One of the great frustrations and complicating factors when providing dental care for the public at large is the difficulty that normal people have with keeping their mouths open."


Bob Cleveland said...

Ahhh .. it's good to see the Establishment acknowledging that said Bloggers aren't just toothless wonders.


Tim Guthrie said...

Hey, I can cut my rate! I wonder if this means the regular health part of my plan will be be increasing. Maybe a study ought to be done linking heart disease to blogging.

volfan007 said...


or, maybe a study by lifeway showing the link to alcohol use and tongue speaking to having good teeth or not would be very helpful in determining the rates for dental insurance. and then, maybe a study on bloggers who drink and teeth would be helpful. or, maybe a study of eating ribs while blogging and it's effect on teeth. i dont know. i'm so confused right now.

david :)