Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Most Succinct Election Analysis on the Web

The only way for Republicans to lose the White House is to pretend that ours is not a conservative party.

The only way for Democrats to win the White House is to pretend that theirs is not a liberal party.

Good night to you all, and congratulations to President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama.


CB Scott said...

We must now pray that President-elect Obama will seek the face of God as he leads this nation.

God will take care of the souls of His children. He always has and always will.

We must also pray for the soul of our nation.

Bart, I ask you to covenant with me and all of our brothers and sisters living in this nation that we would fulfill our mandate from God in 1 Peter 2:17 and prayerfully honor our president.


Tim G said...

Count me in. We just had that discussion with our boys.

Ron P. said...

Congratulations to President-elect Obama. I too, pray that he will seek the face of the Lord God and seek wisdom from Him. I am obviously disappointed in the choice our nation has made, but I exalt the name of Jesus, whose name is above all names and rest in the fact that God has, is, and always will be on His throne.

May God Bless America,

Ron P.

selahV said...

"Through and with God we shall do valiantly..." Ps.108:13a. selahV

Tim Rogers said...

The nation has spoken, and we have a new President. I will pray for President-elect Obama. Pray for him as he grieves the loss of his Grandmother as she passed away on Monday.

I will begin praying that God will use the President-elect to guide our nation in ways that honor God.


Bart Barber said...


I'm with you. Obama is and shall be my president. I have prayed for him already.

The fact is that the election of a black president does indeed represent a great accomplishment for our nation. I would have preferred that we elect a black president who was also red rather than blue, but the history of the moment is still inspirational.

gary l said...

God's will.

Here's a question/comment: Has any other nation democratically elected a member of a racial minority member president? I'm thinking it's at least rare. It occurs to us that some of our ungrateful friends around the world will consider this election a victory over American ideals. Quite the contrary.

Bart Barber said...


It is a great point.

One of the incessant drumbeats against the USA in communist regimes has been the allegations of institutional racism in our nation. Yet Cuba, Russia, North Korea, China, Vietnam and the rest have never raised racial minorities to the helm of their nations. Western European democracies have likewise carped (sometimes sotto voce) about American racism. Yet France and Germany and Spain and Italy have likewise never elected a racial minority to their pinnacle of power.

This is a great accomplishment of our nation. I just wish that it had been J. C. Watts.

selahV said...

Bart, I just wish I had been able, in all good conscience, to cast a vote for him. That saddens me more than anything this a.m. I've wanted to see this moment for a very long time, but never would I have voted for someone who will ensure abortion's future in America.

Nevertheless, I believe in a Sovereign God and believe He has allowed this for His purpose. While I do not understand, I place my trust in Him.

I will indeed join all in praying for him to do as CB wrote in his first comment--seek the face of God. selahV

volfan007 said...

May God be patient with us. May the Lord be merciful towards the USA. May the Lord turn the heart of the King to do what's right and good and wise.


PS. I'm deeply concerned. We have just elected the most liberal, socialistic President we've ever had, and he has a liberal, Democrat-controlled Congress to go along with him. I fully expect to see:

1. Govt. get bigger. (socialism)

2. Higher taxes.

3. Gays will have a stronger voice in Washington.

4. The animal rights radicals will have a stronger voice in Washington.

5. The gun control advocates will have a stronger voice in Washington.

6. Dr.'s, Pharmacists, Nurses, etc. better get ready, and if you have any surgery needing to be done, you might ought to go ahead and get it done before January.

7. A whole lot of people are gonna have to deal with a lot more Govt. regulations.

kws said...


I am preaching from that very text Sunday, and I hope many other pastors will as well.

CB Scott said...


As I was scanning the post election comments in and around Blogtown I discovered the wooly-buggers and nuts and flakes were after me. :-)

Therefore, I posted the following on Wade and DWD's blogs this morning. I hope you will not be angered for me posting it here also. I may need sanctuary and I trust I may find it here. If not, I will surely be consumed as I journey through Blogtown this fine day.:-)

Here it is:

cb scott said...
B. Diddy,

I also make these statements:


"cb scott said...
Tom Parker,

Of course, I made those statements and many more like them. I stand by them for they are true.
I also made this statement last night on Bart Barber's blog after Barack Obama became the President-elect of the United States of America:

"cb scott said...
We must now pray that President-elect Obama will seek the face of God as he leads this nation.

God will take care of the souls of His children. He always has and always will.

We must also pray for the soul of our nation.

Bart, I ask you to covenant with me and all of our brothers and sisters living in this nation that we would fulfill our mandate from God in 1 Peter 2:17 and prayerfully honor our president.


I also stand by that statement.

Now, if you do not see how one can make each and every statement I have made with total conviction, you have no grasp of New Testament Christianity, nor the Book from which we receive our mandates for living as sojourners in this world.

In January Barack Obama will be president of this nation. I must pray for him that God would be given a place in his heart and mind as his Master.

I must also challenge you to do the same.

I, of all people will be most happy if he does embrace biblical faith and becomes the leader we desperately need at this time. God's grace is totally sufficient to not only give him eternal life, but to make him a great leader of this nation.

Consider the story of King Josiah from 2 Chronicles 34. When the Word of God was discovered by workers rebuilding the Temple of God and then "discovered" in the heart of the young King it changed his life forever.

Verse 33 of chapter 34 declares "Thus Josiah removed all the abominations from all the country that belonged to the children of Israel, and made all who were present in Israel diligently serve the Lord their God. All his days they did not depart from following the Lord God of their fathers."

May President-elect Barack Obama "discover" the same truth of God's Word and may he become in the present in our nation what Josiah was in his.

Tom, will you covenant to pray with me to that end?



Wed Nov 05, 10:49:00 AM 2008


B Diddy and all,

Will you covenant with me to pray toward the same end? Frankly, how could you refuse?



6:58 AM

Anonymous said...

Political parties will come and go, but I’ve heard that the Word of our God stands forever.

This may mark the rise of Democrat Boll Weevils and Blue Dogs.
David R. Brumbelow

Anonymous said...

I'm just floored that Wade would use even this election to cause more division among Southern Baptists! It appears more and more that ALL Wade's about is causing division, oh and telling us how humble he is. I'm not sure he ever said who he was voting for though, so who knows, he may have gotten what he wanted, so he calls it God's will. I will be praying for Obama and his family. I will respect him as President of the United States, but to act like he isn't a dangerous man, uh, well, I think that's stupid.

From the Middle East said...

I will pray with you.

Big Daddy Weave said...


What are the implications of this election on the ERLC?

Joel Hunter believes that Obama will listen to evangelicals and include evangelicals in his coalitions. I just don't think Land will be included among the evangelicals that get access to the White House. I expect to see Obama listening to what I call the David Gushee Evangeicals, the "centrist evangelicals" or "Christianity Today evangelicals" that he describes in his most recent book.

Guys like Dobson and Perkins are capable of being outsiders. But Land seems to have become used to direct access to the Bush Administration. How will he adapt?

Will he try to play nice with the Obama Administration and find issues where they share common ground to pursue? Or will Land choose to be a first-class Foe and rabble-rouse from the outside?

When it comes to my group - the Baptist Joint Committee - I don't know how they will fare under an Obama Administration. Certainly the BJC will have much more access under Obama than Bush. However, if Hillary had been elected, I suspect the BJC would have enjoyed the same type of access that they enjoyed under Bill. Not sure if the BJC can achieve that same type of access under Obama.

Bart Barber said...


Joel Hunter presumes that Obama will abrogate the promises that he has made to Planned Parenthood. I think that Hunter is (willfully) naïve about that.

Look, Aaron. I don't think that Richard Land was going to be on John McCain's speed-dial list either. I'm predicting that Obama's plans and the ERLC's approval will coincide with one another on less than 10% of the issues that come up.

As to BJC, I don't know. It appears that Obama may be in a different place, for example, on faith-based initiatives.

I'm reluctant to go out on a limb here because Obama has a 143-day track record. I believe that we're pretty safe in presuming that, whatever Obama's disposition toward ERLC, his position will be entirely incompatible. How he will relate to BJC et al is a thing remaining to be seen.

Bart Barber said...


I forgot to answer this part....Land will be fine with being on the outside. Being on the inside with Obama would, I think, be incompatible with his convictions and (of secondary importance) would be unpopular with his constituency.