Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Response to the Big Speech

Oh…you thought I meant…No!…Not THAT speech.

I'm talking about Steve Jobs's speech unveiling the new Apple iPad.

I confess that, back when the iPod came out, I thought it was a silly little curiosity—who would pay that much just to carry around a few songs? Obviously, I was wrong about the iPod. On the other hand, when the iPhone came along, I knew that it would be a blockbuster hit.

I do not believe that the iPad is going to be as successful as the iPhone. When the iPhone came along, it promised a massive improvement to a category of device (cell phones) that was already established. I didn't have to decide whether I really needed a cell phone or not; I just had to decide whether the iPhone or another type of cell phone was the phone for me.

Things are different with the iPad. Jobs and crew not only have to convince me that the iPad is the best device in its category; they have to show me that I want to enter the category at all. And frankly, even though I'm a faithful Apple customer since I got my Apple IIc for Christmas back in the 1980s, and even though I've enthusiastically convinced a few others to join the Apple fold, I'm not sure about the iPad. I'm comfortable with my cell phone being a closed platform that can only install applications from a regulated App Store. I'm not sure that I want that model implemented for such a large device as the iPad. For very little more money than the 64GB 3G version, I could have a laptop with multiple of that amount of storage, a real keyboard, an iSight camera, and an open platform for installation of whatever I wish (MS Office, VMware Fusion, etc.).

I'm not predicting the failure of the iPad. Apple is good at making products succeed. The electronics community seems to be excited about the "tablet" category. I'm sure that Apple will make boatloads of money. I'm just saying that I'm not presently seeing an iPad in my future.


Dave Miller said...

So far, I've avoided an iAnything.

r. grannemann said...

I guess the thing is a giant iPhone without the "phone" -- but with all the apps. Yeah, it will be a hit.

The good news is it will compel Amazon to lower the price of the Kindle so I can afford one.

And oh, "THAT" speech was pretty good ... as those kind of speeches go.

JPierce said...

Bart - Problem is, I had to buy oversized cargo shorts to find a pocket big enough to carry my iPad around in. Then I had to buy a belt to cinch the biggie pants to stay up while I carry around my 1-pound-and-some-change iPad. It's also a bit conspicuous in school zones. Oops! Looks like I just got waved over by a motorcycle cop. Yep, there go the sirens. Ticket time.

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

Just signed up to be notified about the iPad. I will let you use mine in Orlando. :0 (If Gail releases the funds)

Paul S said...

Bart, I agree. I am not sure if I am completely interested (though it is an amazing piece of machinery). I am still leaning towards a Kindle. I am not sure how this will work because the iPad won't replace iPhone/iPod or a MacBook. The iPad still seems more recreational. The only Apple product I own is an iPhone, but my next Apple buy would be a MacBookPro. I wonder if others think the same and might skip the iPad and go to MacBook when entering the Apple kingdom.

Robin Foster said...


To me it is an overgrown iPod Touch. It will do everything my iPhone will do except be a phone. I believe some people will get it, it might even be a success. For me, I am waiting on getting a Kindle. That would serve me well. To have over a thousand books in my library available to me anywhere in the world is a great benefit to my ministry along with my Logos 4 on my MacBook and iPhone. I don't see the need for an iPad. Someone else might, but I don't.

Tim G said...

You have now shocked me. I just knew you would jump on the wagon and get one.

Your questions are the discussion that Heidi and the boys and I have had ever since the announcement. Your analogy with with laptop is indeed a key determining factor. I am just praying that higher education does not jump too quickly and force those of us with students heading that way to spend the money when a laptop will do the job!

And for all the road warriors of which I am slightly one, how about a little sleep on a flight instead of griping about another gadget not working correctly! Just a thought!

Bart Barber said...

It is good to see so much agreement. Harmony in blogland!