Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sad News

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Coy Privette of Kannapolis, North Carolina, has been arrested and charged with six counts of aiding and abetting prostitution (see story here). Privette was the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Oustanding Alumnus of 2006 (see here). Privette is a former member of the SEBTS Board of Trustees. I do not know Coy Privette, but I will make the following observations: The allegations come from a prostitute who had been accused of stealing checks from Privette. Folks in North Carolina certainly know something about false accusations of sexual impropriety in the wake of the Duke Lacrosse situation. Let us all remember that he is innocent until proven guilty, let us pray for North Carolina Baptists and for SEBTS, and let us act with Christian decorum in the light of these tragic (no matter how it turns out) accusations.


volfan007 said...

this is truly sad news indeed. let's all hope that it's not true about this man.

there's so much temptation out there today, in our world. it seems to be getting many of our number(preachers). this is almost becoming a common thing to hear. which is really sad.


Alycelee said...

Bart, there is a 6 part series on men addicted to porn on BP News.
Here is one.
This is perpetuated because we REFUSE to believe it's even possible. Now, I know everyone is innocent until proven guilty and I with you hope this accusation isn't true. This may seem foreign to you Bart, but it isn't foreign. It's in the church-it has to stop.
As far as the Duke players, no they certainly are not without fault. What they did, (even if they got off of some charges) was horrid.
Also a story on domestic violence. Must research was put into the story. The number one problem, according to this story, is that when a woman comes forward and tells, most pastors don't believe her and won't help her.
It's a big problem. Secrets, those things done in private-God will not let them be swept under the rug and it doesn't matter if you have Dr. Rev or PHD in your title. I always, always believe in reconcilation and restoration. In fact, I betcha that my ideas on restoration are much broader than yours. But confession, accountability abd humility must come. Real love, real agape, longs for the truth. That is also whe nreconcilation comes
Alyce Lee

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

Just got back this afternoon to mow the lawn and now I heading back out on vacation.

This news has certainly come as a shock to me. However, in reading the news releases, something smells fishy. Copy this link

It is the local paper in the town where Brother Coy Privette serves as an Interim DOM.

Let us all pray for the truth to prevail in this case.