Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Best Post Ever!

It has been a sort of running joke around here for Jeremy Green to show up and label one of my missives "your best post ever." Well, ladies and gentlemen, I wish to tell you, in as authoritative a tone as I can muster, what is truly my best post ever. It is this post about our recent celebration of Gotcha Day. What makes this my best post ever? A dear, wonderful, incredible, now-on-our-Christmas-card-list-forever, Oklahoma lady who reads this blog called us Monday morning. She read my Gotcha Day post and decided to contact us about an expectant mother she knows who is looking for a family to adopt her baby girl. The baby should be here in January, and if all goes well, she'll be moving shortly thereafter to the parsonage in Farmersville, Texas. I don't know about the rest of you bloggers, but this is the first post I've ever written that has prompted even the potential of something so precious. I hereby bestow upon that post the designation: "My best post ever." By the way, I cordially invite you to view our family web site for the stories of how God brought our other two children into our family.


Wes Kenney said...

The best I've ever done with a blog post is getting a couple of people to buy me lunch. This is far better, and truly your best post ever.

Congratulations, and I'll be praying.

SEan said...

That is awesome! I didn't know you guys were in the market- did you???

sbc pastor said...


Thank you, my friend. I sure am glad that you thought to mention my name in what truly is your "best post ever!" God bless you and your wonderful family!!!

In Christ,

Scott Gordon said...


That response certainly is better than a phone call containing an irenic lecture!

Sola Gratia!

volfan007 said...


wow! incredible! congrats.


ps. if you want to name the baby after me, that would be fine. or, if you'd like to name it my screen name, volfan, that'd be fine as well.

joerstewart said...

Please don't name the baby volfan ;-). Congrats my brother!

Bob Cleveland said...

This is definitely the best "best post ever" post ever, IMHO. It brought forth evidence of things hoped for.

Congrats .. I hope all goes as planned.

Bart Barber said...

Thanks to everyone for the encouraging notes. Obviously, we are ecstatic.

Bart Barber said...

BTW, David,

Our baby GIRL will not be named after you in any fashion whatsoever.

And, as a special note to everyone, this Baptist historian, if this adoption goes through, will be raising a relative of Lottie Moon.

Bro. Robin said...


"Robin" could be a great girls name.

Anyways, my prayer is that all will remain smooth.

Tim Guthrie said...

Now that is "sweet action"! Way to go GOD!


Blackhaw said...

Conrats! Littles ones are a blessing even when they are poopy!

But why not naking your baby girl after volfan and myself. Her name could be

Volhaw. That is a nice name for a girl! ;)

Debbie Kaufman said...
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Debbie Kaufman said...

Congratulations Bart. I sincerely mean that. How wonderful for you and how beautiful your family. God is good all the time. It's what I love about having him be our Heavenly Abba.

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

Sarah Grace, or Rebekah Faith, or Sarah Faith, or Rebekah Grace, or Lottie Grace, or Lottie Grace, or Robyn Volly, Traci Grace. Need any more help with names?


Seriously, Gail and I wish you well as you follow God's leading. We have purposely not shown this to Rebekah as she will be all over this. :>) She is praying for God to increase our family.


CB Scott said...


Don't let Tim mess up your coming child's name. He's a Tar Heel.

Name that little girl Sabana Crimson Barber. In doing so you will give her a great start and a winning disposition:-)

Seriously, It is a good thing for a child to be able to grow up and say you and your wife are her Daddy and Momma.

Tell her of grace and stand as her Sentinel as she learns from her Momma to be a lady of God.

God's blessings in this good thing,


Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

Can you believe the audacity of some people? A person whose last name is usually someone else's first name trying to give you advice on naming a child. Next thing you know he will be teaming up with Volfan wanting you to name the child 'Smoky'.


volfan007 said...

smokey's good.


Bart Barber said...


I agree…I think I've far outpaced a free lunch.

Bart Barber said...


We weren't really "in the market." After adopting Sarah, Tracy and I had determined that we would not pursue another adoption actively, but that we would be open to God "dropping [placing?] into our laps" another child. This has been one of those lap-placements.

We weren't going through the active pursuit like before primarily because Jim is now old enough to know about the whole business. We've been through some difficult trauma in the pursuit of adoptions. We're grown-ups, and it has been hard for us. We didn't want to strap in a four-year-old for that roller-coaster ride.

Bart Barber said...


My dear friend, I am always glad to mention you in happy circumstances.

Bart Barber said...


I've received a lecture or two, but never an irenic one.

Bart Barber said...


I hadn't thought of that, Boy Wonder. But I'm afraid that "Robin" doesn't score very high by our criteria. We favor:

1. Biblical names.
2. Names connected to our family.
3. Traditional names.

"Robin" only scores in category #3.

Bart Barber said...


How about "blackfan"? She could root for the Steelers.

Bart Barber said...


Thanks a million.

Bart Barber said...


Fortunately, the father in me (who knows better than to brand his daughter with "Lottie") is stronger than the historian in me (who really resonates with the idea).

BTW, some of your names are pretty good—except for the fact that we already have a Sarah! ;-)

Bart Barber said...

Thank you, Bro. C. B.

Crimson is a powerful and wonderful word, especially for those who do not apply it to some mundane, lesser thing than its highest meaning. ;-)

But maybe you could help us otherwise. What does "C. B." stand for? Maybe there's a worthwhile name in there somewhere?

CB Scott said...


There were 6 boys in the tribe.

cb, that's me.

As you know no one in the SABANATION lies so that's my story and I'am sticking to it.:-)


P.S. I'll save you a seat at the BIG B-B-Q tomorrow. Biggest "hog" roast ever in all of North America. I hope you don't miss it. I ain't :-)

Bart Barber said...


You confuse me with a Razorback fan. I grew up in the vicinity of Arkansas State University, and my father worked at ASU. I was raised to root for the ASU Indians first, and then secondly for whoever was playing against the Razorbacks.

By the way, my Auburn alum sister-in-law (you met Matt in San Antonio) has some choice words for you about Alabama for whenever our paths next cross.

selahV said...

Dear Bart, How absolutely wonderful for you and your family! Praying the mother who's carrying your baby does well and remains healthy. May grace abound for her in this decision.

As far as names go, there is always Selah Grace
pause and think about it.
it's biblical and meaningful. selahV

Bro. Robin said...


I wouldn't brag too much on that Arkansas State connection. Let's face it, Jonesboro High could have put together a football squad to beat them.

I have an idea for a name. Seriously!!!! You and your wife pick three names you like and have a blog poll on which one will win.

Have one traditional, one biblical, and one connected to your family.

But if you decide not to, my feelings won't be hurt...... to badly. :-)

Bart Barber said...

Selah V,

Yes, ma'am—that's a great suggestion. No family connection there, but it is a great suggestion.

Bart Barber said...


ASU made short work of SMU tonight.

Here are some names for you to consider in each category ;-)

Family names: Iphigenie, Ellie Emmaline, Flora
Biblical names: Jezebel, Syntyche, Rahab
Traditional names: Gertrude, Hortense, Millicent

Like any of those? :-)

Bro. Robin said...

Golly Bart, all you had to say was no to the idea.


Bart Barber said...

I'll take that as a No.

LS said...

Praise the Lord! That is great news. Isn't God good! See you at the annual meeting soon. Lynn S.

Pastor Michael said...

Hope things work out. I'll be praying for you guys.