Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Not Me

I've already received inquiries as to whether I am behind the SBC Outpests spoof. I am not. Neither can I find out who is behind it (they used GoDaddy for hosting with private domain registration). But it isn't me. Of course, some of the people who asked whether I am behind SBC Outpests didn't really believe me when I said that I wasn't. In honor of the skeptics among us, I commission another Praisegod Research poll (see the sidebar). For some reason Virtual Stock Exchange has been completely down for several days. Now, today, it is up again. I have changed the settings to allow signup after the start of the game. I'll leave the competition open for enrollment for a couple of weeks. That should give everyone an opportunity to sign up.


Bart Barber said...

OK...five minutes ago VSE was running again. Now it isn't.

Wes Kenney said...

Colbert and Melchizedek are running neck-and-neck...

Bart Barber said...

The VSE folks are obviously having really serious technical difficulties these days. Hopefully, it will all smooth out in the days to come.

Scott Gordon said...

wow...sensitive bunch over there.


L. D. Tilley said...

"Not Me" is one of my favorite characters in the Family Circle cartoon.

R. Grannemann said...

Probably seminary students, possibly a recluse conservative faculty member. Won't work as a site though. Not enough material to spoof. Only way to keep it interesting would be to actually engage the issues - then it would become a real blog site.

joerstewart said...

I would have made millions today but they cancelled all my orders. My lawyer will be in touch.

joerstewart said...


Debbie Kaufman said...

And you felt the need to publicize this site because?????????????? A. You like to gloat B. You think it's funny C. SBCOutpost just might be right in the issues it raises and is a needed site D. All of the above.

Blackhaw said...


Why are you so upset with this site? You are fine when SBCOutpost and BC's Site uses the same kind of tactics. Why not this site?


Anonymous said...


Your response leads me to one of the following conclusions:

A. You can dish it out but you sure can't take it.
B. You realize that the spoof is spot-on but are afraid to verbalize this truth out loud.
C. You are worried that the traffic to SBCOutpost, Burleson's, and Cole's blog will decrease.
D. You never read Mad Magazine and so you don't appreciate the compliment that goes along with satire.
E. All of the Above.

Steve said...

Ahhh she just colors with red crayons!
Borderline means she can't keep inside the lines!

Bart Barber said...


A. If I liked to gloat, you would have read a whole lot more on this site about...well...I can't say without gloating! Lot's of stuff.

B. I do think it is funny.

C. Yes, I'm thankful for the diligent raising of issues at SBC Outpost, knowing that it might possibly rip a hole in the fabric of the universe if a young lady were to learn how to use an iron. How fortunate we are to have these folks standing in the gap for us all!

D. I posted not in order to give publicity to anyone, but to make it clear that I am not the party responsible for the site.

CB Scott said...


I know for a fact Wes Kenney is behind SBCOutpest.com. I also know a student in the class you teach showed him how to do it.

You and Wes are demented people. Just think, doing a spoof ragging on such sensitive people as Ben Cole and the Littleton brothers. How could you fall so very low?

Worst of all, you have brought a seminary student into your evil schemes. Those kids have enough trouble doing their homework and housework.

Bart, I thought you were a better person. Wes how could you do this? I bet Villa Rica put you up to this. I thought he was history around here with his cynical garbage. I bet $100.00 bucks Villa was behind what you guys did.

SBC Today, yeah, right. Integrity, right.


Debbie Kaufman said...

It's not the learning of ironing that is ripping the hole in the universe it's the seminary prices that she has to pay in order to learn it. :)

I will be at the next dunk tank rally Bart.

Debbie Kaufman said...

And I don't know, but I have read some pretty gloaty posts here of late? Is gloaty even a word? Never the less.......

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

I would like to say this is your best post to date. I have the highest respect for you in what you are doing. I do not care if someone produced your IP address and even could show a video of you setting up SBC Outpest, I still would not believe it. You are my leader. I do not care what that CB Scott says. I do not believe that you or Wes could contrive such insensitive antics. As I think about CB I believe God has just given me some insight. If his last name were "Fergus", which means (A fierce or brave chieftain, from Fear, man, and guth, a voice or word, that is, the man of the word, a commander of an army)instead of "Scott" which means (which literally signifies "restless wanderer,") his initials would be CBF.



CB Scott said...


Now I know. It was you all the time. Tim Rogers is the "Barb" behind all of this Outpest business.

"If you cut us, do we not bleed?" Tim, your evil has never been so low. I shall now join Ben Cole and the Littleton brothers in that army of wounded beyond healing and all at your cruel hands.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the satire of the outpest, but I like satire - wish Paul Littleton was still doing his cartoons (of course some of the same folks that hated his cartoons will love Outpest)

Speaking Outpost - hopefully you all have checked out the latest Boyd Luter post. Rumors of the Outposts demise were very wrong - they are blowing and going over there with some great posts the last couple of weeks

Jim Champion

Anonymous said...


Are you behind the fake DA Carson blog?


Jim Champion

Anonymous said...

That is www.fakecarson.blogspot.com

Bart Barber said...


It must just be me, but the they-are-all-spineless-yes-men-while-we-are-all-men-of-conviction argument seems to me neither a "great post," nor an original contribution, nor a defensible argument, nor anything more than subjective intellectual laziness. But it will, no doubt, give great satisfaction and comfort to those who have already taken refuge in that conceit.

Bart Barber said...


This string is the wittiest I've ever seen you. The world was lifted off of your shoulders in the recent past, wasn't it? And we're all thankful.