Friday, April 4, 2014

A Tale of Two Windows

Not long ago I had two windows open on my computer screen. On the one, I was being invited by a Facebook friend—a friend who is very liberal—to enter a comment thread and explain how it is that Christians could be so meanspirited and hard-hearted and judgmental and un-Jesus-like against people who live contrary to Christian sexuality. Although I often participate in the discussions that he hosts, I had to decline that night. The reason why I had to decline was because of the other window open on my computer desktop. In that window I was filling out the necessary paperwork to visit a prison in order to minister to a person who is a convicted sex offender. Of course, convicted sex offenders are the true pariah of our day and time.

Not long after that, I was invited (by someone else) to participate in an online discussion to defend Christians from charges that we are willing to let little children starve halfway across the world because of "sexual politics," at which time I was, no lie, on the computer making arrangement to actually GO to Africa, halfway around the world, to minister to the people there.

Today, I see another such discussion (no invitation from anyone yet) about how TEN THOUSAND CHILDREN are just going to starve to death because of how heartless conservative Christians really are, but I didn't see it until just now because I've been out all morning with SBC Disaster Relief crews helping people who were victims of a local tornado just fifteen hours ago.

To all of you who are launching a campaign in one window on my computer to try to make me feel guilty for being true to the faith (not MY faith, THE faith), I must tell you, the reason why you aren't succeeding with me is because of the other window on my computer.