Thursday, September 14, 2006

Why Am I So Doggoned Busy Right Now?

I've pretty rudely dropped some conversations recently. I promise to return. In the meantime, I thought I'd drop a quick couple-of-paragraphs explanation of what is going on. We're doing something out of the ordinary every week of this month. Extra-special services require extra-special attention to make them come out.

For example, this Sunday we're trying something I've never done before. We're having what I've called Intercession Sunday. Tongue-in-cheek I've called it the Southern Baptist version of a faith healing service. No, we'll not be throwing any wheelchairs off the platform into the crowd. But we are encouraging people who are sick or troubled to come to the service, which will be themed around the importance and power of intercessory prayer. We're going to pray individually for everyone who comes with an illness and wishes for prayer. We've concocted a discrete way for people to submit more personal needs of a financial, emotional, or relational nature. We're praying for spiritual needs on that day as well. There will be powerful testimonies of people who've faced similar needs.

I'm 80% excited about this, and 20% scared to death (never having done anything remotely like this). There is still much to be done to be ready. That's why I'm not reading blogs, commenting on blogs, or doing much of anything "extra" right now. And we've got another special service in September and one coming up in October at the beginning of the month. I hope you'll forgive me for disengaging for a little while as I try to keep up with my calling.

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