Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Dwain Miller's False Dilemma

Ladies and gentlemen, as promised a few months ago, I have inaugurated a podcast. I've played around with podcasting in private for a few months just to get the feel of it. Here's my first installment over at Podbean, a five-minute video rebutting a false dilemma that Dwain Miller asserted on the now-infamous PTL episode.


Bob Cleveland said...



1) The man was saved because Jesus drew him. Like He did every other believer.
2) We can assume someone presented the gospel to him in an understandable manner.
3) Your are correct in stating it is the Gospel of Jesus that is the power of God for salvation. I think I read that somewhere, too.

Well said.

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Bart,

Well presented. I imagine that one question came to my mind. Who presented the gospel?


Greg Welty said...

Those white books on your shelf to the left look suspiciously like John MacArthur Jr. sermon study guides.

I'm also quite envious of your office chair, but that's another matter altogether :-)

Bart Barber said...


You correctly espy the John MacArthur sermon guides. I obtained them all at the Waco Meals-on-Wheels Bookstore, paying 50¢ per each, if I recall correctly.

As for the office chair, it is practically new. The former pastoral chair, having been used for several decades, collapsed when I sat in it. It happened to be on the second day of VBS this year. I went out and got a new one that day. It really is a nice chair, but it will have to last for at least thirty years around here.

I didn't say anything about it back then, because that whole gluttony thing was going on. :-)

Bart Barber said...


Glad you enjoyed it. I think my shirt might look good with your hat.

Bart Barber said...


I wasn't there, brother.

cameron coyle said...

Mr Peppermint,

Not a bad little podcast. My favorite thing about it is actually the label on the post. I think you're the only blogger I've seen who has a label for "Ecstatic Babbling."

On another note, have you ever read the book My Search For Charismatic Reality?

Robin Foster said...

It is amazing how much money you have to spend on things like pod cast after you earn your doctorate.


Bob Cleveland said...


If you were to don my pink hat, I have the feeling that a lot of people would order ice cream from you.

Might be worth a shot.

volfan007 said...


give me a jamocha almond fudge in a waffle cone...two scoops, please.


Groseys messages said...

Well howdy....good stuff Gomer...

Anonymous said...


We agree! I've always said that charismata do not seem to spread spontaneously, or spring up ex nihilo; someone introduces "the deeper life" to others who genuinely want more of God but are misguided into babbling. I sure wouldn't put it past God to surprise me, but the tremendous revivals we need some from preaching the Word. I don't find the apostles speaking in tongues in Antioch, Derbe, Lystra, or Crete in order to demonstrate God's power.

Some BIG related questions: Who is the PPL, heavenly language for exactly? Does God not understand English? Am I edified by a language He speaks through me but which I don’t understand? What's the supposed purpose? I really am asking for clarification.

Ben Macklin

Anonymous said...

Bart -

That should have been "come" from preaching.


volfan007 said...


great questions, bro. i always thought God could understand english, too...even my tn southern english! what's the point of some ecstatic utterances in a private prayer to God? the real tongues of the nt were known languages unknown to the speaker for the purpose of witnessing to the lost. and, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit were given to edify the church. so, whats the point of a PRIVATE prayer language for yourself?

but, as i've always said, and i think that this may go along with what paul was saying in 1 cor. ...if someone feels that it somehow helps them emotionally to do it...then go for it. but, just dont be divisive with it, and dont teach it to others, and dont think that doing that somehow makes you more spiritual than other people, and keep it private...truly private.


Anonymous said...

and so another preacher starts down the slippery slope of televangelism...

Unknown said...


I picked up My Search for Charismatic Reality while at the Metropolitan Tabernacle, and it was sitting on my shelf until I read your comment. I read it, and would recommend it to anyone involved in conversations on the charismatic gifts.

It affirmed for me the thoughts I have had regarding some who claim a false dichotomy between revelation and Scripture, and those who assert a terribly nuanced reading of 1 Cor 14.

Thanks for the reminder!