Friday, March 7, 2008

A Horrible Court Decision

<understatement>I don't always agree with everything Marty Duren writes.</understatement> But I heartily AMEN every word of his latest post. When I finally made it home this evening, I asked my precious wife if she had heard about this atrocious decision in California. She replied, "I've heard about it, signed the online petition to depublish the decision, and emailed it to every member of Farmersville Association of Christian Educators."

That's the girl I married, folks. Don't mess with her unless you've got a death-wish.

Basically, homeschooling was declared illegal today in California, one of two major trendsetting states in US Education practices. Marty thinks it was a really bad decision. I think it is an alarming bellwether for these turbulent times.

I'm guessing that neither Marty nor I think that we just ought to say "Oh, well," and passively accept the decision of that court. I certainly haven't concluded that I can't discuss the matter until and unless I go out and get a law degree.

I think it might be wise for homeschoolers across the country to seek specific sanction by amendment to their state constitutions. What do my readers think of that idea? Otherwise, rather than the much-ballyhooed "exit strategy" from public schools, we may find ourselves having to come up with escape routes.


Dave Miller said...

In Iowa, the state supports home-schoolers. They have developed Home School Assistance programs. That way, by enrolling the homeschoolers in these programs, they get money from the state. They don't interfere and are pretty happy because they get their state money.

It makes me think the American education system cares more about money than it does about education.

Ron Phillips, Sr. said...

When my last company moved me to CA in 1995, we homeschooled under the radar like most others. It was disconcerting, as we were used to the the wonderful homeschool freedoms that we enjoy here in TX. Thank you Shelby Sharpe, HSLDA and THSC!

I am concerned for many of my friends who are there. My prayer is that this horrible and ungodly decision will be quickly reversed.

Ron P.

volfan007 said...


i'm afraid that the courts will become more and more intrusive into our lives in the years ahead. i'm afraid that they will continue to stick their noses into things that does not, and should not, concern them. and, that many christians are inviting them in!!!!


Anonymous said...

Not that I believe every AFR report I hear, but some of the talk show guys were saying Hillary supports this same kind of intrusive policy. In fact, they talked about how Arkansas' pattern of special schools- like the AR Math & Science School- where kids live at school during the week and come home on the weekend, is a very progressive form of this same kind of mindset. Namely that the gov't knows what's best for your kids and parents should have little control over the educational process.


Anonymous said...

Dave, the American Education system does care more about money than wellness. If a child is sick and misses more than eleven days, they are penalized for their absences. Why? The school doesn't get their daily 20 or so dollars for that day from the government.

Every day our tax dollars go to schools that teach our children things we do not agree with, believe in or want them to know without our supervision. The school systems today are frigtening with their in-house nurses who advise as the government allows.

While many Christian children are protected because their parents are guardians of their souls as well as their minds, there are countless children who are being fed a diet of tolerance, political correctness, pseudo-character building and half-truths, i.e. evolution.

We won't have to worry about the village raising up our children in twenty years. We can just wean them and hand they over to the government if it keeps going like it's heading.

Kruschev said a mouthful when he said, that America would be destroyed without firing a shot. The more the government controls our lives, the less control we have. It's that simple. selahV

Ron Phillips, Sr. said...

With no malice, just addressing the issue... This is another example of why it is not good theology to believe that the government, as ministers of God, always makes righteous decisions and judgments. That is why we can make evaluations of when they are wrong (like abortion). The parents, not the state is responsible to God for the upbringing and education of their children, no matter which method of education you use (public, private, homeschool, or anything else).

Ron P.

cameron coyle said...

A pretty timely example of why we shouldn't think of the judiciary as an infallible source of God honoring decisions.

Marty Duren said...

Bart said-
[understatement]I don't always agree with everything Marty Duren writes.[/understatement]

[understatement]Bart's been wrong before.[/understatement]

*wink* Thanks for the shout out.