Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day 2009

Someone just asked why I didn't put up some sort of an April Fools Day post this year to serve as a successor to last year's effort. A couple of reasons come to mind. First, such a post is either expected or effective; it cannot be both. Second, the idiosyncrasies of the calendar have placed this day upon a Wednesday in 2009, and I have elected to turn my limited comical resources toward the flock whom I undershepherd.

At tonight's prayer meeting and Bible study, I announced that we were going to be studying not Daniel 8 (as expected) but Hosea 1. Puzzled looks appeared on everyone's faces. Then I explained my reasoning. The book of Daniel switches from Aramaic to Hebrew after Daniel 7:28. This fact, I told the assembled congregation, clearly reveals a change in authorship and date for the material starting in chapter 8 through the end of the book. These chapters, I firmly asserted to them, do not belong in the Bible, and therefore we're not going to bother to study them.

You should've seen their faces before I let them off the hook!

So, I had my April mischief today, just not where you might have expected it.


Malcolm Yarnell said...



My word verification is "labilism"

Dave Miller said...

Another sign of my impending senility: I did not "get" anyone on April Fool's Day, but I was taken badly by my oldest son.

Tim G said...

You crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Funny , my college days they taught that as truth.

Anonymous said...

But Bart, in Daniel my Bible does not change from Aramaic to Hebrew. It's King James English all the way through. Just like in Bible times :-).
David R. Brumbelow