Friday, December 4, 2009

No Longer Seeing Red

I have written a computer application (using C#, Silverlight, and the .NET platform, for those interested in such things) to aid me in planning my sermon calendar. The application indicates to me an "unassigned" appointment (a "preaching event" for which I have not yet planned what the content will be) by displaying a "red light" on the event label.

After a week of hard work, I am thrilled to report that no more red lights appear anywhere in 2010 on my calendar. As always, my thanks go out to the wonderful staff and people of FBC Farmersville who (in self-defense!) are always faithful to pray diligently for me when I seek the Lord's plan for my preaching.

Indeed, the plan goes well into 2011, although I haven't bothered to work out the specific details and key in the data. Wednesday Night Bible Study will launch in January 2010 a weekly study in Genesis that (if we are able to keep up with the plan) will make it partially into the story of Abraham when the next new year falls. A Sunday morning series through 1 Thessalonians starts late enough in 2010 that it will carry over into 2011 (although we will set 1 Thessalonians aside temporarily between Thanksgiving and the New Year to turn our attention to passages related to the season).

The one drawback of doing this kind of planning: I'm excited RIGHT NOW about preaching all of it, but I'll have to wait MORE THAN A YEAR before I can preach the latter portions of it. Patience is a virtue, or so I hear.


Groseys messages said...

Brother Bart,
Would it be an imposition to ask if you might email me a copy of your programme.. and your plan too?
Many thanks,

Tim G said...

I was suppose to get to try that out last year. If Grosey gets it before me - GrandPa will be hurt and crushed and in deep depression!

Bart Barber said...

Sorry, guys. It's just not ready for public consumption quite yet.

Groseys messages said...

ohh Timmy you really aint as old as you look