Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SWBTS: Showing How Faithfully the Bible Has Been Transmitted

I'm delighted to direct your attention to this press release detailing the acquisition of several fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Chris Johnson said...

Brother Bart,

Thanks for directing our attention to this. I really enjoy artifacts. A pastor I work with here in the Nashville area has an amazing collection of artifacts, but not any of the "cave" stuff. We were by the caves several months back, and we have some Bedouins that we do business with that work out of Jordan. Getting artifacts is a real treat!


cameron coyle said...

I'm curious, what sort of artifacts do these Bedouins hook you up with?

Chris Johnson said...


We get most of these out of Jordan and Eqypt, but the folks we deal with usually work the graves around the Dead Sea....fairly close to Qumran caves and what we believe to be the site of Sodom. There is a huge grave yard not too far from where we believe Sodom was situated.

Most of those artifacts are pottery or storage viles, coins, etc...

Out of Eqypt, Brent MacDonald, has been able to secure cuniform tablets, ancient lamps, and pottery from the BC era.

Last year I was able to bring back a brick from the store houses in Pithom that are still present in the countryside(Land of Goshen).

Interesting history and well worth the trip to that area of the world just to learn about the cultures.