Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Johnny Hunt Campaign

Johnny Hunt never did campaign much for the presidency of the Southern Baptist Convention back in 2008. He entered the race late. I had already supported one candidate (Al Mohler), seen health problems cause him to leave the race, and then embraced another candidate (Frank Cox, a really great guy who ought to be in more prominent leadership in the SBC) before Johnny Hunt had ever even thrown his hat into the ring at all. And of course, off-year elections like the 2009 convention do not provide for much in the way of campaigning, either.

The fact that Johnny Hunt did not campaign much for the presidency of the SBC, however, does not mean that Johnny Hunt is not a campaigner. In fact, although Hunt is no longer the president of the SBC, he seems to be as much or more in "campaign mode" today as at any time in the past several years.

If Johnny Hunt is not running for anything, what's he campaigning for? The Cooperative Program.

I follow Johnny Hunt on Twitter. He retweets a lot of content from other people, and he pats a lot of people on the back, but when Johnny Hunt has something to offer from himself, it often resembles this tweet from 4:42PM on July 7, 2010:

Why I support the CP? I luv church planting, our seminaries, deploying of missionaries, do more together than alone. Is your CP growing?

I don't see anybody who opposed Component #3 doing as much to be a booster of the Cooperative Program as is Johnny Hunt. I didn't like Component #3 much myself, and I include myself in the comparison—my Twitter feed hasn't done much to support the Cooperative Program. I don't think that tweets like this one from Hunt are self-serving at all. His presidency is already completed. The GCR has already passed. I see very little "political" reason for him to be tweeting this sort of thing. I think his motivation is no more complex than a love for the SBC and a desire to see us move forward together through greater support of the Cooperative Program. Johnny Hunt is a high-profile pastor whose church is now doing more through the Cooperative Program and who uses his online presence to say positive things about the Southern Baptist Convention and to encourage churches to support the SBC through the Cooperative Program. We could all learn from him to do more likewise.

So thanks, Johnny Hunt, for using the influence that God has given you to promote CP Missions. Personally, I think we all ought to remember that one pastor or one local church supporting the CP with his enthusiasm, his speech, and by his example is probably worth 1,000 pamphlets, videos, or denominational speeches doing the same.


Anonymous said...


I agree with your post 100%. I love and appreciate Johnny Hunt's leadership and excitement.

Did you see what Ronnie Floyd and his church have done? And this is after the GCR report has passed...

Bart Barber said...

Thanks, Joe, for the link. I was in Kenya teaching at the time of that article, and I missed it. Kudos to Ronnie Floyd and FBC Springdale!

Bart Barber said...

Speaking of Twitter feeds, I see that David Worley at SBC Today has chosen to echo the sentiments of this post. Thanks, brother!

volfan007 said...

You got it, Bart. I just always try to be a blessing!



Tim G said...

I do believe that we are seeing what I call REAL leadership out of these two great men of God.

I echo a hearty AMEN!

Thank you Bart for posting this and thank you Dr. Hunt and Dr. Floyd for staying the course and taking the lead.

P.S. For Dr. Floyd to lead out by dropping T.V. for CP deserves an Atta Boy!!!!

Anonymous said...



Gary May said...

Thanks for the post Bart. Wouldn't it be good if the same leadership would begin to emerge at the State Convention and Association level?

Bart Barber said...

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Anonymous said...

The kitchen gets mighty hot sometimes doesn't it?