Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mission Trip

A year and a half after Hurricane Rita roared through, the people of Port Arthur, TX, are still recovering. I'll be trying to help in my pitiful little way this week. It turns out that blogging and Baptist History instruction are not high upon their list of needs, so I'll probably be working with hammer and crowbar. Me with tools...guess how that usually turns out!


volfan007 said...


this is great. my feet starting body began to strangely move around....before i knew it i was dancing to the curly shuffle.

i, like you, would be one of the three stooges with tools in my hand.


volfan007 said...


we might need to add that this is satire here. i dont know if its being passive aggresive or not, do you?


ps. i know that bart and i both are sorry for any un-pc comments that we have made against stooges in this post and comment thread.

Kevin Stilley said...

I have been watching some old 1930s and 1940s Tarzan movies, and your comment about you and tools made me think of a comedic sketch that they late Grady Nutt used to perform.

It was about what preachers say when they hit their thumb with a hammer. Nutt said that he relied on Tarzan's famous word "Umgawa."

I am curious, Bart. What do you say when you hit your thumb with a hammer?

Anonymous said...

Robin: I can tell this post is a guy thing. As a sister to four brothers, I either watched The Three Stooges or had to eat curds and whey while sitting on my tuffet. Neither were very good for my digestive system. I never liked Mo, felt sorry for Curly and to be honest? Can't remember much about Larry at all. And their antics always left me puzzled. selahV
Hey Kevin: I'm not Bart, but I betcha he don't hit his thumb with no hammer. His angel will be encamped around him because God is gonna have mercy on him for his faithful service. :)

Bart Barber said...


I'm glad you enjoyed it.


I'm sorry you didn't :-)


Have you ever noticed the linguistic subtleties of "Umgawa"? It apparently can mean, in different contexts, "Push this tree down into the ravine," or "Trample down that wall over there," or, "Pull the rope and raise the elevator."

So, I don't see why it couldn't mean "Gee, that hurt!"


Bart Barber said...

But of course, if I were going to say "Umgawa" upon hitting my thumb, I would only do so in "private prayer."