Monday, March 5, 2007

Pecan Manor Pickiness

Re: Ben Cole's articles here and here.

So, the point is that somebody else (Dr. Patterson) convinced somebody else (Carliss Phillips) to donate a huge chunk of cash to renovate and expand a house that belongs to neither of them, but to me (and Ben Cole, and everyone else in the SBC). And this deal where the house we own together gets improved and expanded without us having to spend a nickel is a bad deal for us all exactly why?

When I went to the graduation reception at Pecan Manor, I recall the house seeming quite full, and that was with only the doctoral graduates there. I'm sure that the MDiv reception time was even crowded. I certainly didn't walk out thinking, "Man, I wish they would take away some of this square footage."

I live in a parsonage (1977 square feet, Ben. I'll save you the trip to the Collin County Tax Assessor's web site). Honestly, before Bro. Cole made this an issue, my feelings about Pecan Manor have amounted to conviction by comparison that I don't use the church's house nearly enough to show hospitality to the church. We (Tracy and I) need to do that more often.

With regard to the lists of houses over at Baptist Blogger, how many of those are private residences owned by the people listed? In each of those cases, the figures given represent the personal wealth of the owner. Good for them. Pecan Manor is in a different category. The figure given there represents a portion of the assets of SWBTS, which the Pattersons will leave to the next presidential family when they leave office. Good for us.

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