Monday, June 11, 2007

Questionnaire Edit Update

For those who have been following this story: See this update.


David Rogers said...


I fail to see what the big deal is on this.

Here is the "blow by blow" account once again, for those who haven't read it elsewhere.

I am on my computer working on a 12-question questionnaire sent to me by James Smith of the Florida Baptist Witness. While I am workin'sg, I get a message on my "g-mail" program saying that Ben Cole wants to "chat" with me. I had not used "chat" before, but seeing Ben there wanting to talk to me, I figured out how to send him a message back. We start a bit of small talk, which went more or less as follows--

DR: Hello
BC: What's up?
DR: Oh, just working on a questionnaire for James Smith.
BC: Oh really?
DR: Yeah, it's got some pretty tough questions.
BC: Like what?
DR: I'll e-mail them to you, with my answers so far, so you can see for yourself. Maybe you could give me a few suggestions (Knowing that Ben has a reputation as a gifted writer, is quite knowledgeable about denominational issues, and is supportive of my nomination--even though we don't agree on every issue).
BC: Looks pretty good. But have you thought about this...? Or this...?
DR: Yeah, that's a good point. I had kind of left that out. Thanks for the advice.
BC: I'll type in some suggestions and send them back to you, and you can do what you want with them.
DR: Sure, why not?

I get the suggestions, look through them, delete some (the ones that don't express my own view quite so well), and decide to keep some (the ones I wish I had thought of myself, and that echo my own views on the subject).

It is as simple as that. Can anyone tell me why that is such a big story?

David Rogers said...

Oh yeah. One more little thing. After receiving Ben's suggestions, I print off the amended version, show it to my wife, my Mom and my father-in-law and mother-in-law, who are all here visiting, and ask for their suggestions. After taking everyone's suggestions into consideration, I make the final edit, adding in a new line or two, and taking several out.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Bart, Bart, Bart.

Ron Phillips, Sr. said...


You say "I fail to see what the big deal is on this."

There are many who find the publicly documented words and actions of Ben Cole to be jaundiced and acrimonious. From what I have read on his blog in the last month or so, the attacks are not just personal attacks against Patterson, but anyone who agrees with him theologically and supports him in those endeavors. His incivility towards many Godly men is offensive to many.

For you to seek counsel from him is at a minimum "interesting" and newsworthy. For many, it is inconceivable. For you to not understand the reason this is a big deal is incredible.

Ron P.

Groseys messages said...

1 Cor 15:33 33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals."

if you don't mind the biblical quote put to humerous verse:
One evening in October, when I was far from sober
To keep my feet from wandering I tried,
My poor legs were all a-flutter, so I lay down in the gutter
And a pig came up and lay down by my side.
We sang,"Never mind the weather just as long as we're together"
Till a lady passing by was heard to say,
"You can tell a man who boozes by the company he chooses"
And the pig got up and slowly walked away.

Anonymous said...

Grosey: do the aussie's imbibe down under?
Apparently the pigs down there are pretty smart if they know not to associate with drunks. selahV

Debbie Kaufman said...

Steve: Wrong context. Do I need to give you passages on not beating up on your own? By that I mean your brothers and sisters in Christ? I would suggest highly listening to both Frank Page's and Morris Chapman's messages today. You might then see what true Southern Baptists are about.

Debbie Kaufman said...

I should also add you will see what true Christianity is all about. shame on you Steve. I mean that.

Groseys messages said...

* sigh Debbie

Groseys messages said...

Debbie again you display an effort to stifle spirited debate when others disagree with your sacred cows, which I guess makes you the sacred cow!

Anonymous said...


Why is it I never see you expressing your disappointment in Ben on his blog when he truly disparages fellow Christians? You only seem to reprimand those who oppose the ideas of Wade and Ben.

Your inconsistency ruins your credibility.

Shame on you..and I mean that!!

Steve Allen

Debbie Kaufman said...
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