Sunday, June 24, 2007

Something Worthwhile from Slate

I can't guarantee your safety reading anything else over there, but Slate online magazine has a review of Evan Almighty that gives precisely my opinion of the whole enterprise. I haven't seen the film, but Slate describes it as precisely what I knew it would be. See the review here. Yes, this is what passes for a post when I'm busy. :-)


Steve Weaver said...

That's the way I feel about it too. I can't believe how desperate Christians are jumping "on board." (pun intended)

Evan said...

I just had this conversation with a friend yesterday. I have received countless emails from Christian marketing groups promoting this movie as a Christian film. However, I have two major problems. First, depicting God the Father as human (even if it is the ultra-cool Morgan Freeman) is nothing short of making an image of God (see Exodus 20:4). Second, God deciding to send another "flood" is nothing short of blasphemy since he promised that he would never do that again (see Genesis 9:11). I realize the flood in the movie is not exactly the same context as the flood in Genesis, but the point still stands.

The other problem that I have with this film is that now I am subject to all sorts of jokes and comments because my name is Evan. Maybe I was smarter than I thought in kindergarten when I wanted to change my name because no one else was named Evan.

Evan (not almighty)

Anonymous said...

Interesting article.

I have had a number of members in my church ask about this movie. I plan on seeing it just so I can judge for myself the content of the movie.

I believe I would better serve my congregation if I actually saw the movie and then commented on it, instead of allowing others to form my comments.

I appreciate the link to the article though.

Bart Barber said...


I agree.


Look on the bright side—if the review is anywhere close to accurate, at least you now have proof positive that you are not the goofiest Evan on the planet. ;-)


Primary source research is usually a pretty good thing to pursue. I just prefer not to spend so much money acquiring the first-hand experience. :-)

Robin Foster said...


Please forgive this contrite miserable sinner. Yes, I went Friday night with my son to see the movie.

I agree with the review in several areas, but I did not go to get a biblical lesson on Noah and the flood. I went to spend a fun night with my son at a movie which I didn't have to worry about coarse language or humor.

We both had a great time.

Tom Bryant said...

A couple in our church saw it and thot it was funny. But I thought that this review made sense in a way that Christian reviewers haven't. We're so glad that a Bible story is presented if not positively at least not negatively.

But, I am getting weary of being part of any movie's marketing scheme.

Anonymous said...


You said, "I just prefer not to spend so much money acquiring the first-hand experience."

:), you sound like my wife! haha :)

Tim Rogers said...

Brother Tripp,

I can attest to Brother Bart's frugality. I ate lunch with him one day at the convention. We were at a buffet and on his third trip back from the buffet line he commented on a verse of scripture where Paul said to "Buffet your body". Then when asked about the gluttony resolution possibly forth coming, he commented that he had to make a choice between committing gluttony or being a good steward. He chose to be a good steward.