Friday, October 31, 2008

Russell Moore on "Judgement House" Evangelism

Click here for an excellent column by Russell Moore. Here in the DFW area a group of liberal United Methodists have started to picket one of the local manifestations of the "Judgement House" (see the story that I watched here). Their on-camera objection was that the concept of divine judgment is incompatible with the concept of divine love (typical shallow inane liberalism).

Moore's article is something entirely different. He shows from a God-honoring, biblically-faithful perspective why these productions are such a misdirection from weightier things. Read and enjoy.


Bob Cleveland said...

That's a convincing, and a convicting, article. Thanks for linking to it.

Our church is having a Fall Family Festival, and we don't let kids wear scary or devil-oriented costumes. We do the festival cuz we love kids and want to give them a more constructive alternative to what the world is trumpeting for some weeks before 10/31.

From the Middle East said...

Brother Bart,

I actually do know people who have come into the Kingdom and part of their journey was a Judgement House. However, I share Dr Moore's concerns. It seems as if one small aspect of God (the Judge) is often presented. Deep love for & desire to be with God, not just a fear of Hell, should be our motivation!

Peace to you brother,
From the Middle East