Sunday, October 12, 2008

What Does America Stand For?

I find it somewhat bizarre to live in a time when America is preparing to elect its first Socialist president, the Republican Party is discussing the nationalization of banks and government intervention to prevent the failure of private enterprises, the only nation willing to pursue a capitalist approach to space travel is Russia, and the hotbed of world capitalist investment is China.


Anonymous said...

Bart, maybe we will wake up in about 6 weeks and this will all be a bad dream. If not, then maybe we will at least wake up and give God the glory due His name. selahV

Chris Gilliam said...

Dr. Barber
A few years back while I was in Romania I had the priviledge to attend a meeting with the County government in Timis. My take away was: 1)Wow, those formerly opressed understand the need for limited government controls. 2) we are far more socialistic than we ever thought possible. Perhaps we have drank too much of the koolaid from Durkheim the french philosopher on corporate institutions becoming the social enviornment as opposed to the family.

volfan007 said...

God help us if Obama is elected with Democrat controlled Congress. Socialism will become greater in our society. This ought to send a cold chill down the spine of every freedom loving American.


Anonymous said...

What has God to do with it? From where in the Bible have you plucked the idea that God is on the side of 'freedom-loving Americans'?

Whatever you think about whoever, you'd best accept that the next government is His. (Romans 13:3,4 - and you'll find Obama a lot more palatable than the average Roman emperor too - be thankful)

Billy Edwards said...

I'm trying to gather from where in Dr. Barber's post did you deduce that he thinks "God is on the side of 'freedom-loving Americans.'"

I'm sure most of us comprehend to some degree the sovereignty of God as it relates to, among other things, elected officials. Does that then give us the right to do nothing or say nothing or influence nothing?

Tim G said...

I have scheduled an appointment with the Therapist to discuss my dillussions of world events - NOT! I think America is experiencing the effects of being "dumbed down"!

Great post!

Anonymous said...


I know this is really off subject for this post, but it is something I would like to share with you concerning marriage.

This is a matter that is increasingly putting a strain on my entire life.

I just cannot understand how someone like myself can never get a realistic chance to develop a relationship of any kind with a lady. Is work all there is to life? I would hope not. What really gets to me is when I must go in a place such as a store and see all of these couples and families together enjoying one another's company.

Just recently I had gotten to know a lady on a limited basis, and we chatted a few minutes when we occasionally met. However, when i expressed to her an interest of wanting to get to know her more, it was as though I had committed some sort of a crime.

It is getting to the point for me that when I see a lady coming toward me that is within my age range(44), I want to turn around and walk the other way.

Other acquaintances I visit with from time to time are always wondering why I am not married. I have absolutely no explanation for it. All I can figure out is that it must be something with me. Of course when you get my age, all of the good ones are about gone anyway. Any thoughts?

Bart Barber said...

To all:

I've been on vacation in the Ozarks, but now I'm back.

Bart Barber said...


Astute observations there.

Bart Barber said...


Billy rightly notes that I did not say what you alleged that I said. But thanks for stopping by.

Bart Barber said...


You do realize, don't you, that you're asking for romantic advice from Gomer Pyle?

Truly, I hurt for you in your quandary. I hope that you have people close to you who can encourage you and help you along the way. In the long run, people to whom you are anonymous and who are practically anonymous to you are probably going to be much less help to you than are those who are close to you, know your situation, and can help you form strategies connected to your location and the resources available to you.

But, there may be a thing or two that the anonymous person can get away with saying, while the dear friend cannot. Why? Because, for example, I have no need whether any of these apply to you and therefore cannot be construed as attacking you when I say:

1. Have you considered that it might be God's plan for you to remain single and celibate throughout your lifetime? If that seems a horrible fate to you, you might ask yourself whether you get that sensation from the Bible or from the culture. But is the culture's perspective on sex and marriage really that healthy?

2. It is quite possible to be married and yet still be lonely. In your mind, the couples you see in stores and elsewhere are all happy. They are not all happy. Some of them are wishing that they were single. All of this "grass is greener" business feeds a cycle of marriage and divorce. My kudos to you that you have not fallen victim to such activities.

3. Presuming that you are certain that #1 does not apply to you, and presuming that you are in a healthy place regarding #2, but further presuming that you still believe that God's plan is for you to marry, I ask you this: Do you keep yourself clean and neat? A little effort here, where it is needed, can go a long way.

4. Study Song of Solomon and give some thought to the pursuit of romance. Some people deplore the "game-playing" of modern romance, but let's face it: we play games because they are fun and engaging. Play along. Be a bit coy. Don't mention a more involved relationship until you've teased the idea along nonverbally and romantically.

5. Loosen up on the age thing. I mean, don't become any sort of a deliberate cradle-robber, but a 34-year-old, a 44-year-old, and a 54-year-old are all grown adults and ought to be capable of having a relationship with one another.

Again, I'm probably the very worst place you could turn for advice: Tracy just had pity upon me. But I do pray that God will heal the hurting of your heart.

Anonymous said...


I certainly appreciate the comments. It was not from the attack mode at all. I'm trying to understand it all by digging way down deep.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed the direction our country has taken in the last few years. I am watching with interest the talk of the formation of a global currency which is being pushed by China.