Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Great "Safeguard" to Consider

Hariette Petersen (known to blogland as SelahV) has a wonderful blog series ongoing about the problem of sexual sin in the ministry (see here for a starting place). While she was doing the research for her Warnings and Safeguards lists, she contacted me (among other people) for insights and comments. I listed for her a few safeguards that Tracy and I have incorporated into our ministry marriage.

But I failed to list one very important safeguard. This is something very effective at keeping me on the straight and narrow:

The guy in the blue button-down shirt and the cowboy boots is my father-in-law. I don't break his daughter's heart for many reasons: One of them is my suspicion that he would do more than put me into a vending machine.



Tim G said...

That is tooooo funny! Great commercial! My ministry assistance love it - they want to know if they can put me into a vending machine?

selahV said...

Bart, Thanks so much for linking to my series. It's been a blessing to gather the thoughts from others and see how God is working in their lives to keep them in His way and protect them from disaster.

I love the commercial with Dad. Those papas have a lot to do with keeping their daughters' hearts intact.
Thanks again for your input. selahV

Beth said...

This post marks the first time that Lydia and Nathan have enjoyed your blog as much as I do!