Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If Poker Were Based upon Baptist Politics, I Could Make a Killing in Vegas

I predicted in this post that some sort of branding and ostracism would come about in efforts to strongarm people into affirming the Great Commission Resurgence document. In addition to whatever has taken place behind the scenes, Timmy Brister has contributed an online drive-by to make the effort more overt.

Do you have any questions about the GCR document? Have you hesitated in signing a blank check for an unblueprinted complete renovation of the SBC? If you have, then according to Bro. Timmy, you are a part of a vast cabal spanning several years marshaling forces to oppose any sort of a Great Commission resurgence in the Southern Baptist Convention.

  • All of this talk about "Baptist Identity"? Just an anti-GCR ploy, shrewdly developed before anyone knew that there was a "Great Commission Resurgence" document.
  • The 2008 SBC Presidential election? Frank Cox was really running to keep Johnny Hunt from carrying forward the Great Commission Resurgence. And what's really remarkable about this is that Frank Cox somehow knew that Johnny Hunt was going to run as the "Great Commission Resurgence" candidate before Johnny Hunt purportedly knew that he was going to run at all. Not to mention the remarkable foresight of someone like me, to endorse disingenuously one of the original co-sponsors of the GCR document (Al Mohler), knowing all along that health problems would keep him from running in the end and thereby providing plausible deniability for my covert scheme to thwart any resurgence in our faithfulness to the Great Commission.
  • My blog post praising the Great Commission Resurgence document for containing within itself the core ideas of "Baptist Identity"? Actually a veiled attack against the Great Commission Resurgence document for NOT being in line with "Baptist Identity". You see, what I REALLY MEAN is often the exact opposite of what I write.

We owe a great debt to Bro. Timmy for his analysis. He is irreplaceable. I mean, I certainly couldn't have figured any of this out apart from his help.


Tom Parker said...


You said--"We owe a great debt to Bro. Timmy for his analysis. He is irreplaceable. I mean, I certainly couldn't have figured any of this out apart from his help."

What sarcasm and attack on another Christian brother. Are you angry?

Dave Miller said...

I read Timmy's post and your comments. It really seems to me that you are overreacting to what he said. It did not seem nearly as slanted as you seem to believe.

Dave Miller said...

Or, as Inigo said to Vizzini, "I do think that means what you think that means."

Bart Barber said...


I think that if the post had been built around the foundation of "SBC Impact" versus the Great Commission, you might read it differently.

Dave Miller said...

Not to beat a dead horse, but that is my point. I think your characterization that the post was founded somehow on your site (or your viewpoint) against the Great Commission is not accurate.

Bart Barber said...


The thesis of the post was that the "backstory" is of a conflict between the "Baptist Identity" group and the "Great Commission Resurgence" group. Brister identified three people as the instigators of the anti-GCR Baptist Identity mission: "Patterson, Yarnell, Barber"

Certainly I may have missed something, but then certainly you may have as well.

Dave Miller said...

I'm a Hawkeye, we never miss anything!

I think you are probably right that if I (or SBC Impact) were the one in your position, I would probably tend to read it as you do.

Dave Miller said...

Ever notice that when people say, "not to beat a dead horse" as I did earlier, they generally continue to beat the dead horse mercilessly?

CB Scott said...

Tom Parker,

I left you a comment on Bart's prior post. I am going to make a motion about you at the SBC. I think you will like it. I know I will.

Make sure you are at Microphone #1 during the first business session so we can be on camera together.


bapticus hereticus said...

Bart: ... an online drive-by ....

bapticus hereticus: he must have been driving very slowly!

(note: I initially placed this comment in the wrong thread, of which it was deleted)

selahV said...

Bart, so in other words we owe nothing to Bro. Timmy for his non-analysis and he is replaceable, and you could have figured out any of this without his help? But since none of it is true, then there is nothing to find out anyway? therefore I have no reason to read any of it, right? or wrong? :) selahV