Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My First, Brief, Active Response to the GCRTF Progress Report

First Baptist Church of Farmersville, partnering with other Southern Baptists, is already committed to assisting in the planting of a new Southern Baptist church in North Adams, Massachusetts. We need a church planter. Were you inspired by the GCRTF presentation on the evangelistic needs in New England? Do you think that God might be calling you to serve in this way? Let me know, and I would be glad to tell you how you can put your name in the hat. I'm not offering the job to anybody (don't have the authority to do that, since this is a partnership for us), but all of the partners involved are praying for God to send the right person.


Andrew said...

Thanks for being an "innovator"! If more churches committed themselves to planting just one more church (preferably in an unreached area, like New England), we could easily pare down NAMB (which I pretty sure is what's going to happen) and reach more of America with the gospel.

BTW, did you get a pingback from my blog post on the GCRTF report?

Bart Barber said...


I visited New England, became burdened for the area (much because of the ministry of Sean Pierce in that area and the work of Mid America Baptist Theological Seminary's Northeast Branch in Schenectady). It's an important work.

I didn't get the pingback. Did you link me? Sorry for not acknowledging.

Paul S said...

Bart, that is great! Spring Baptist supported the HBA for years and i have been up there three times to work with church planters. They are incredible men and the Lord is blessing them! Where in Mass are you guys looking to plant?

Andrew said...

I'll just directly link to your blog in my next post...the pingback failed for all to which I sent it!

Bart Barber said...


We're heading to North Adams. The HBA folks are great.