Friday, January 12, 2007

Clinton & Carter

I have received requests from readers who want to know my opinion about the Clinton-Carter soiree that took place while I was tending to Grandpa Brady in Missouri (BTW, if you missed that story in the comment log on the previous post, it is worth reading). Knowing that I would be in complete disagreement with the direction that these former presidents would wish to take Baptist life, folks hunger to hear me hurl a little invective, I guess.

I'm sorry to disappoint, but personal reasons leave me with absolutely no desire to heap gratuitous public criticism upon President Clinton.

I will say this: Baptists are in desperate need of reform. The most obvious flaw of Bro. Duren's recent post about "Tories" and "Reformers" is that many of the people he would classify into the first category are very zealous for a real Baptist reformation. Certainly I know that I am.

Yet of all of the ways in which Baptists need change and reformation, I am prepared to say that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have absolutely nothing that we lack and need, as far as I can tell. That's not to deny that they have any good qualities—I'm merely saying that, whatever good points I see in them, the SBC abounds in those areas as well as in others.

Now, if you want me to be harsh and unkind, you could always ask me about her rather than him. Then I'll really be tempted! :-)

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