Saturday, January 27, 2007

Some Strange Southern Baptists

Let's be clear who we're talking about. Let's identify all of these "strange" Southern Baptists who have built theology and religion faculties of men, so that they might all be pilloried equally.
  1. Paige Patterson
  2. Albert Mohler
  3. Jeff Iorg
  4. Chuck Kelley
  5. Phil Roberts
  6. Daniel Akin
  7. James Petigru Boyce
  8. John A. Broadus
  9. William H. Whitsett
  10. E. Y. Mullins
  11. B. H. Carroll
  12. Lee Rutland Scarborough
  13. John T. Christian
  14. ...should I keep going?
Let these "strange" people be stricken from the books, reprobates and chauvinists that they are!

Oh...I almost forgot all of the presidents of Baptist universities who have had all-male religion departments. But that list would be far too long for you to have the patience to read it. I'll just pick one at random to represent all the others:
  1. Rufus Burleson, Baylor University

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