Thursday, January 25, 2007

Denied Employment

I recently submitted an application to teach online for an educational institution. Midway through the process, I received an addendum to the statement of faith that I had already affirmed. The addendum included, in the final paragraph, a firm statement favoring one position regarding the chronology of the Great Tribulation in the end times.

I do not hold any firm position on the chronology of the Great Tribulation in the end times. I consider the position staked out in the document to be one valid option that might very well be true.

How am I coping? Here are a few points:
  1. I will not sign the document with "caveats".
  2. I will not perform mental and ethical gymnastics, pretending that, because I don't really disagree with the document, I could sign it even though I don't strictly agree with it either.
  3. I will not pretend that this institution has violated my rights as a Christian.
  4. I will not be suing anybody in any venue.
  5. I will not bend my theology one iota to try to accommodate myself to this institution. My theology belongs to Christ and to the Bible.
  6. I now respect this institution all the more for knowing what they believe and sticking to it.
  7. I hope that they respect me all the more for dealing with them with integrity.
  8. I will not be contacting their accrediting agencies to lodge any complaints.
  9. I will not demean their theological position as "strange".
  10. I will not accuse anybody of narrowing anything.
So that's OK, all you masked avengers out there. Don't bother to add me to your list. I'll be fine...really.

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