Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ben Cole National Anthem

You'll need to look at Bro. Ben's latest (and know something about what he's been up to this year) to get the joke.


Bro. Robin said...

Why is it I am picturing Ben triumphantly smiling as he watches this video?

Bart Barber said...


I hope so. The purpose of the post is to poke fun at Bro. Ben; not to poke him in the eye.

Phil and Mary Ann said...


Long time reader, first time writer. I am an international working living in Central Asia. I have a Ph.D. from Southeastern under Dr. Eitel and consider him and Patterson friends as well as Ascol and other Calvinists. I am a Calvinist.

There is debate on whether Gill was/was not a Hyper-Calvinist; this is nothing new (though he was not the Father of Hyper-Calvinism -- see John Hussey). Ian Murray, a respected Calvinist theologian, provides an excellent definition of Hyper-Calvinism: “Hyper-Calvinism in its attempt to square all gospel truth with God’s purpose to save the elect, denies there is a universal command to repent and believe, and asserts that we have only warrant to invite to Christ those who are conscious of a sense of sin and need.” From this definition, arise three doctrines that form a framework for Hyper-Calvinism: supralapsarianism, denial of free offers of the gospel, and denial of duty-faith.

Supralapsarianism, also known as High-Calvinism, became popular with Theodore Beza’s teachings in the sixteenth century. His interpretation of Calvinism provided the foundation for Hyper-Calvinism. According to Curt D. Daniel, an expert on Gill, all Hyper-Calvinists have ascribed to supralapsarianism (though not all "supralapsarians" have been Hyper-Calvinists). Theologian Millard J. Erickson defines Supralapsarianism as:
1. The decree to save (elect) some and reprobate others.
2. The decree to create both the elect and the reprobate.
3. The decree to permit the fall of both the elect and the reprobate.
4. The decree to provide salvation for only the elect.
Both High and Hyper-Calvinists use this order to promote double predestination (God predetermined some for salvation and some for damnation). High-Calvinists believe everyone, including the reprobate, should be offered the gospel and have the responsibility to respond in faith to Christ. Hyper-Calvinists disagree. They stress that only the elect (or pre-elect or "sensible sinner") should be offered the gospel and have the responsibility to place faith in Christ.

The Gospel Offer

Hyper-Calvinists agree with Calvinists’ understanding of election, but differ with them on offering the gospel to everyone. Calvinists affirm Christians should offer all men the gospel while Hyper-Calvinists believe God decreed salvation to the elect alone; only those who manifest signs of God’s election should be offered the gospel. According to the Hyper-Calvinist view, those who present the gospel to the non-elect sin. Joseph Hussey, the originator of this position states, "We ought to preach the Gospel discriminately, so as in the light of the Lord to define when Christ and salvation are effectually given, where, and in whose hands, the gift lies."


Calvinists affirm that God’s moral law requires all men to repent and place faith in Christ. Hyper-Calvinists agree, but distinguish between legal and evangelical repentance, and common and saving faith. Legal repentance and common faith are required by moral law, but evangelical repentance and saving faith are God’s gifts to the elect and not required by the unregenerate. Hyper-Calvinists do not believe saving faith can be simultaneously a responsibility and a gift; saving faith is "a reaction caused by special [saving or irresistible] grace."

Does Gill adhere to all three positions? Check out Baptist Theologians. By His Grace and For His Glory may help as well.


Jim Champion said...


This is fall down on the floor funny - ggod one!

Marty Duren said...

Was Gill in that video somewhere? Egads! Was he that dancing dude?

Bart Barber said...


Glad you enjoyed it.


Now you've got me chuckling. As you know, John Gill would be about as likely to be the guy dancing as Bill Gothard would be likely to be in drag as his partner.

volfan007 said...


did you see the look in the eyes of the woman as she sang this? lol. i wonder if that's how ben's eyes look as he contemplates his next move on dr. patterson? lol.

this was really funny. thanks for a good belly laugh.


volfan007 said...

ps. maybe gill was the drummer. of course, he already knew that the song was gonna be a hit before it was ever recorded. :)