Monday, May 28, 2007

A New Baptist Blog

Sean Milliken endured "Baptist Heritage" with me this Spring in Little Rock. One morning I walked into the classroom and Sean asked, "Dr. Barber, who is Praisegod Barebones?" I had wondered when a student would find me online. Sean may or may not have been the first, but he was the first to mention it in class. Now he has his very own blog. I have no idea the meaning behind his blog title Old News Milkman, but with Sean I have learned that it is better not to ask! :-) Welcome, Sean.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Barber,

Thanks for plug- I think. Did my link to your site give me away?

I doubt my little posts will be of much interest to your readership since I am so far out of the Baptist loop that I don't even understand most of the discussions on your blog.

Nonetheless, thanks. You're right, the giddiness has already worn off. That didn't take long.

Debbie Kaufman said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Sean. I read your blogged and enjoyed it. Good job. I especially enjoyed your first post and think it's great that someone was giddy over something.

Bart Barber said...


Class is over. Everybody here calls me Bart.

Oh and, by the way, speaking of class: "...I am so far out of the Baptist loop"?????? Nobody three weeks out of my Baptist Heritage class (and with your grades, no less) is "out of the Baptist loop."

Your false modesty reflects poorly upon your professor. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sean, perhaps if you had taken Baptist history with a different professor, you would feel yourself sufficiently educated to be in the Baptist loop. But I guess its too late to go back and fix that now ...


Bart Barber said...

See, Sean, it has already begun.

Of course, if you had studied under Master Finn, you would be wearing a bow-tie by now, and that would look really funny on a County Extension Agent in Arkansas.

Allen R. Mickle, Jr. said...

Bow ties! If you would have taken Baptist History with me you'd be wearing French cuffs!

Welcome Sean!

Allen Mickle

Anonymous said...

Sean, don't listen to Bart. They do bad things to people who wear bowties in Arkansas. And cufflinks. But not overalls.


Anonymous said...

Bart- sorry about that little faux pas. I simply meant that the Baptist grapevine just doesn't make it this far out the gravel road. And I have a hard time getting anyone around here to talk Baptist turkey with me.

Nathan & Allen- you should have known me in my pre-Barberian state. I didn't even know what a Baptist, a blog, or a bowtie was. The transformation has been astounding. Seriously, Dr. Barber is the MAN.

And as to the whole tie discussion. . .

Bolo is where it's at. I don't mean to brag, but I stand to inherit the largest privately held collection of bolo ties in North America. My grandfather, a retired baptist pastor, decided to store up treasures both in heaven and on earth. And yours truly is the beneficiary of that 300 piece collection.

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