Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A New Blogger Nickname

I hereby dub thee "C. B. Martellus Maccabeus Adler Scott" (see C.B.'s "hammer" comments in the thread here). :-)


Jack Maddox said...

yep...I like C.B. "The Holy Hammer" Scott! And that dude would use it to!!!

as a fellow foster parent, let me say the thought does cross your mind form time to time...


Anonymous said...

wade and bart,

if you would both allow me to say something personally on both of your blogs, i would appreciate it. i will copy and paste this to bart's blog as well.

someone who comes into these two blogs has called a friend of mine, and just flat out told him lies about me. i know that this seems incredible...yet, it's true. i cant imagine someone claiming to be a christian would do such a thing, but they have. you know who you are. you know what lies you told. you also know what God thinks about lying and about liars.
my friend would not tell me who you are, nor exactly what was said. but, it was not good.

i am asking you to confess your sin to God, and then to this man that you told the lies to. if you do this, then everything will be fine with me. but, if you do not, then i leave you in the hands of a God who hates lying, and who has promised that vengeance belongs to Him. the Lord will deal with you.

this is all that i plan on saying about the matter. i dont want to go into details. in fact, i wont talk anymore about it. but, i just cant imagine someone stooping so low...especially someone who claims Jesus as their Lord and Savior.


Bart Barber said...


Whatever has happened here, I am truly sorry.

Writer said...


Whoa. Sounds like spiritual warfare to me. I'm praying for you.


R. L. Vaughn said...

May God bless, Bro. David.

Anonymous said...

bart and all,

thanks for your concern. everything will be alright. it's just unreal to me that someone would do such a thing...someone who claims Jesus as thier Lord.
i guess we live and learn.


dwm III said...


The new autosave feature over at blogger is set to not allow comments. So, if you are hoping to have comments on your recent post you may want to go and cut them back on.

I'll post my comment there when you do.

Just and FYI brother! :)