Saturday, May 5, 2007

What Wes Kenney Does to Relax from Blogging

We Love You, Wes!

Keep calling them like you see them. As I have already stated, I believe that your most recent article reflects responsible, diligent blogging. And for all of the rest of us, Bob Allen has promised a follow-up piece on Monday with regard to the Wiley Drake situation. I have no idea whether it will consist of retraction, substantiation, correction, or genuflexion. Aaron Weaver, last I read him, is much more skeptical of Drake's denial than about the SPLC's story. SPLC has not returned my phone calls. They represent the big question mark—a major national organization with a huge axe to grind on the one hand but a huge reputation to protect on the other hand. Did the former get the better of the latter with regard to these accusations against Drake? Where will this story go next? We'll get the next installment on Monday.

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