Thursday, February 7, 2008

Frank Cox's Hat Is in the Ring

Baptist Press is reporting that Georgia pastor Frank Cox is seeking the presidency of the SBC in 2008. I don't know that much about Pastor Cox but am anxious to learn more. I remain persuaded to vote for Dr. Albert Mohler. The next few months will be interesting.


Anonymous said...


The BP and Junior Hill got it right about Frank Cox. He is a towering figure God has used among Georgia Baptists in various ways, reaching the world for Christ. I do not know him personally. But I have friends who serve at North Metro Church.

From everything I gather, he is a man who lives righteously, loves justice and walks humbly with God. North Metro Church has consistently been a stable, healthy fellowship. Need I say his nomination excites me.

Grace. With that, I am...


Anonymous said...

Bart and Peter,

I wonder why the addition of another conservative candidate? Mohler's Calvinism? Mohler's supposed 'conflict of interests'? I, like Bart, am not familiar with Brother Cox, and thus my ballot still rests on Mohler.

John Mann

Anonymous said...

Where is BP reporting the Cox story?

CB Scott said...

Well, Bart, we will vote differently again.

But, this time It will probably not be because of a great breach between us.

I am thankful for that.


Anonymous said...

why doesn't someone call Frank Cox and ask him? I personally think they are nominated because they believe Mohler has an agenda. Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

I think Frank Cox would be a great President. No conflict, no agenda, CP giving is good. Nothing against Mohler or the others, but until someone else comes forward and excites me like Frank, my vote will be for Dr. Cox

Bro. B