Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How to Blog in 2008

I have resolved the following with regard to my own blogging in 2008:

  1. I'm going to take even more time between posts and attempt to write more substantively.
  2. I'm going to give even less attention to bickering within comment streams.
  3. I'm going to comment even less on other blogs.
  4. I'm going to blog even more about what I want to write and react even less to other people's posts.

I don't know that this will last forever, but I'm genuinely trying to find the right balance between my pastoral responsibilities, my family responsibilities, my spiritual responsibilities, and my blogging activities. At some times in the past, I've let blogging take too much time from other pursuits. I've done much better lately, but I've done so without letting my readers have any idea what was going on. I'm thinking about establishing a more careful discipline that you can count on…maybe posting something every Thursday, for example.


Anonymous said...

Bart, now, now, now. don't be so hasty. You may very well like the post I'm putting up tomorrow on sbcIMPACT. Pot Calling the Kettle Black....we shall see what we shall see.

I agree with the wisdom of placing priorities and keeping them. I am doing the same in different ways. selahV

Anonymous said...

Well I, for one, think that your substantive posts are generally brilliant and your reactive comments (specially within the SBC bickering) less so by a country mile.

It's at least one feature you share with a certain Pastor in Enid!! And the rest.

So I look forward to 2008.