Saturday, February 28, 2009

Seems Like We've Been Here Before?

Thanks to PGBB commenter Scott Shaffer for first tipping me off, and for Dr. Albert Mohler for speaking so plainly against President Obama's government censorship of public prayers.

Apparently, President Obama has staffers engaged in the task of reviewing, critiquing, and revising(?) public prayers offered at official presidential events.

It all seems very inefficient to me. I mean, how many hours are these staffers having to put into prayer scrutiny at taxpayer expense? Wouldn't it work much better for the Obama White House just to compile a book of approved prayers? Then they could ask Congress to approve it as the national prayer-book. Prayers offered from the text with the President's imprimatur would be legal to offer in public.

It's so simple; it's amazing that nobody's thought of it before.


volfan007 said...

It just keeps getting better and better every day...dont it?


This is very disturbing, and everyday brings more disturbing and concerning things with Obama.

What's our country gonna be like in 4 years?


Dave Miller said...

I had the privilege, twice, of praying at public gatherings for President Bush (actually, once was before he was president, just before the Iowa caususes).

I never got one instruction on what to pray or how to pray. The first was at a Christian school, so there was an almost totally Christian audience.

The second was at a public gathering at a local college, so all kinds of people were there.

No one asked me to limit anything in any way.

Chalk me up as someone who misses the "worst President in history" and wishes he could have served four more years.

Anonymous said...

Dave Miller: I echo your heartfelt sentiments with one caveat. I wish he'd find the fiscal responsibility of a true Republican before he entered the 3rd term and put someone in place of Paulsen and Cox who had their heads screwed on right. selahV

Les said...

How do you reconcile vetting prayers with separation of Church and State?

Using the definition of of vetting from in reference to prayers creates an oxymoron. It is not vetting, it is censorship.

volfan007 said...


Let me add this to my comment above. I pray for President Obama on a regular basis. My desire is to see the man come to true faith in Jesus. Truly I do.

I dont hate him. I dont like his policies. I really dont like his views about many things, especially theology. And, I despise his pro-abortion views.


CB Scott said...

Bart Burleson,

Did you delete me?:-) My, how the mighty have fallen.


Bart Barber said...


Your earlier post mentioned a gentleman who, I am convinced, did what he did solely in an attempt to gain publicity. Well, he's going to have to try to get it elsewhere. This blog will not be helping him.

CB Scott said...

I well understand.


Bart Barber said...

I'm pleased to note that even Obama supporter Aaron Weaver agrees with me on this one (see here). It doesn't surprise me. Aaron is, as far as I can tell, a man of principle. Often the wrong principles, from my viewpoint, but he is a principled and consistent man. And on matters of religious liberty, we are rarely at odds with one another.