Thursday, May 31, 2007

Endorsements, Part One

For President of the Southern Baptist Convention: Frank Page I was wrong. Not in voting for Jerry Sutton. Dr. Sutton would have made an excellent president. If he ever runs again, he has my vote. I was wrong about Dr. Frank Page. I've wanted to say so for some time, now, but I've been reluctant to do so, knowing that some would not take my remarks seriously, alleging that my retraction is some act of fealty in return for an appointment to the Committee on Committees. Actually, I doubt very much that Dr. Page reads Praisegod Barebones, I doubt very much that he has any idea at all who Bart Barber is, and I doubt very much that he personally selected my name for service on the Committee on Committees. For all I know, if he had known more about me, he might never have appointed me! Certainly, we've never had the pleasure of personal acquaintance. At Greensboro last year, I knew only two things about Dr. Page: The basic gist of his dissertation (which I did not read for myself until later) and that he was being advanced in certain circles as the "dissent" candidate. I am not a dissenter. I publicly predicted that he would side with moderates and liberals. Rather, he has carefully and publicly distanced himself from such things as the New Baptist Covenant (Ben Cole's spin notwithstanding). If I had last year to do over again, I would still vote for Dr. Sutton. But this year, having observed him for a year, I can gladly vote for Dr. Page and recommend that you do so, too.

6 comments: said...

If you liked the President this year, after initially doubting him, then it might be wise to reserve judgment on 2008's winning Presidential candidate as well. :)

Bart Barber said...

See, now, I knew that my genuineness would be to somebody just an opportunity to score political points.

Writer said...


That's really going way out on a limb, my friend. Endorsing the only candidate for President is a real bold move. :)

I'm laughing WITH you.

BTW, who are you endorsing for 1st VP?


Bart Barber said...


Brother, I could have nominated someone else! Do you think I am too timid to do so?

I do have a 1VP endorsement. I will make it in the coming days.

Anonymous said...


Since Bart has had a change of heart regarding Dr. Page you don't suppose he's also had a change of heart about Wiley Drake, do you? .... Naah.

:D [Just havin' a little fun, Bart!]

volfan007 said...

i'm glad that i voted for frank page last year. the main reason i voted for him last was to make a statement about the cp.

i think bart barber ought to be 1vp.

how about it, bart?