Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Break from Politics: From a Dad with a Daughter

Last Friday I made the very sacrificial anniversary gift to Tracy of consenting to take her to Canton. Our goal on the way in was simply this: To find a (toy) weapon for Jim and an outfit or two for Sarah (my nearly-two-year-old daughter).

Excuse me—is the entire female population between the ages of two and ninety-two officially going to dress like a streetwalker now?! There wasn't a decent item of clothing on a rack. And don't get me started about the swimsuits. I swear: If I only knew the deserted island where we could go to start over, some days I'd be ready to go there.

But then every once in a while something comes along to encourage me. Like this wonderful website and all of the sites to which it links. So, as the summer fashion season descends upon us all, from one dad with a daughter to all of the rest of you out there, I give you an opportunity to find fashionable, reasonably priced, modest clothing for women and girls.

And having done my good deed for the day, I'll see you all in Indy.


Dave Miller said...

Wow, Bart - here is something we agree completely on. My daughter is now 15, but I got so frustrated when she was 9 or 10.

What kind of sick society sells sexually-suggestive clothing for 9 year old girls? Just how perverted are we?

I tell you what I have never understood - how a dad can let his daughter out of the house wearing some of the stuff I have seen in church.

I attended a famous Baptist church in Florida several years ago. We made the mistake of sitting in a youth section. I wish I was at the age where girls in provocative clothing was not a distraction to me. I have not yet reached that level of spirituality.

I told my daughter years ago, "Please understand that I maintain an absolute right of veto over every article of clothing you ever decide to wear out of this house. I know what men think when the see scantily-clad girls, and they are not going to think that way about you."

Sorry for the rant. This is a sore subject with me.

Its not like I live on your blog, but it seems like I make the first comment too often. I'm not a cyber-stalker, but I play one on TV.

Tim G said...

You keep that girl modest or granpa Guthrie will have a talk with you!

As the father of two teenage boys - I totally agree with you! I am constantly speaking with them about "looking away" and not getting caught in a trap. I wish more dads were like you and bart - my boys need it!

By the way, my oldest is 15. If you and she are looking for a great guy - we are looking for a great girl. T says the lady will need the following priorities:
1. God first
2. Basketball second
3. Low maintenance (if that is possible)
4. Great parents - he wants fun inlaws!

Anonymous said...

Amen brothers. It's not just the youth in church either!


Anonymous said... is not restricted to the youth. The youth see it on tv and in the older generation.

Women, not just younger girls, need to dress modestly.

CJ Mahaney has a great post on his blog concerning modest dress.

Here is the link. It has a number of posts on the issue.

Anonymous said...


I noticed your link did not show IMB approved swim wear. I was going to send you a picture of my wife in hers, but she would not allow me to photograph her until she repaired the hole in the knee of her bathing suit. Maybe some other time.
A 10-40 Windows Missionary

Dara said...

I appreciate the kudos! I always love it when I find that someone has referred my site by saying something nice about it as opposed to mocking a clothing item advertised on it.

By the way, what is an IMB-approved swimsuit?

Owner, Modest Clothing Directory--the one the link goes to ;)