Monday, June 2, 2008

Forest Gump Goes to Church

I don't think that he meant to suggest any diminished mental capacities on his part. To the contrary, Louis Moore can produce a résumé of impressive accomplishments throughout his lifetime. Rather, when the former religion editor of The Houston Chronicle suggested that his newest book, Witness to the Truth, might be appropriately titled Forest Gump Goes to Church, he was referring to his uncanny tendency to have been a bystander at significant moments in the recent history of American Religion (especially American Christianity).

Moore has launched a new blog to go along with his new book. I have not read the book and have only read one post on the blog, but Moore has the credentials and the skills to make his contributions to both media worthy of your time.

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Anonymous said...

In the days of the Conservative Resurgence it was difficult to receive late breaking balanced news of the struggle. I well remember practically fighting with my dad, Joe Brumbelow, for the latest issue of the Houston Chronicle and Louis Moore’s report on what was happening in the Southern Baptist Convention. His were some of the most helpful news articles on the Resurgence.

I envy Louis Moore’s opportunity to have been in the middle of the news during those historic days. I’ve just put in my order for "Witness to the Truth" and can’t wait to read it. I’d urge you to do the same.

David R. Brumbelow