Monday, June 9, 2008

Endorsements: Vice Presidents

Dr. Bill Henard is a prince among gentlemen. His track record of faithful ministry and selfless denominational service reflect the very best tradition of Kentucky Baptists. He will make a strong and fitting successor to Dr. Jim Richards as our First Vice-President. The best recommendation for Dr. Henard would be to spend time getting to know Porter Memorial Baptist Church and Dr. Henard's incredible ministry there. I'm thankful for his labors to oppose casino gambling in Kentucky, which were successful. Google "Bill Henard" and you'll find glowing appraisals of his ministry, his preaching, and his denominational leadership. I only know of one occasion on which he has been a victim of the darker side of the blog world, and both the praises and the criticism make me all the more enthusiastic about casting a ballot for him.

You're most likely to know who Dr. John Newland is because of the NFL's much-publicized bullying of Newland's Fall Creek Baptist Church in Indianapolis two years ago. That's why you know Newland, but that's not why you ought to vote for him. Rather, you need to know that Newland, the team leader for church planting in Indianapolis, has a heart for winning Indianapolis for Christ and a set of feet and hands to match. He's a humble, dedicated, devout, godly man for whom the Super Bowl crisis was merely an unplanned nationwide revelation of what has been in his heart all along—a determination to lift up Christ in his community and to carry the gospel throughout the world.


Anonymous said...

I have a genuine and serious question for you Bart. This is not cynical or critical, and I am not disagreeing with anything you have said, but I am just curious...

Do you even know either of these candidates on a personal level at all? Have you met them beyond a handshake? Do you know more about them than what you can find out from merely "googling" them?

I'm not saying anything is wrong with hagiography, or that you're wrong about either candidate, I'm just curious about the basis for your overly-glowing "endorsements."

Todd Benkert said...

Here's something on which we can agree...two fine choices. Bill is as genuine a person as I have known and a great leader in Kentucky. I heartily endorse him.

I'm still undecided about the vote for President, though I doubt I will be disappointed in the outcome as the front runners are all good choices.

Bart Barber said...


Obviously, I know a lot more about them than any of us know about you.

However, I am glad to answer that I have met both candidates on a "personal level," although neither is a former college roommate, in-law, or godparent to my children. I suspect that, for some folks, if they WERE intimate, lifelong friends of mine, the criticism of my endorsement would be that I am merely trying to advance my friends rather than objectively seeking what is best for the convention. And now I read that, because I am neither of their closest friends, I have no "basis" for endorsing them.

So, I offer my endorsement merely as that—MY endorsement. A few people will be biased against these candidates for that very reason, and that's your prerogative.

Bart Barber said...


I agree entirely.